[Archive] Halloween-themed VC (Pics)


Ok, so we took some pictures of me models, and although they’re not really pefect, they should give you an idea of how it looks like… Will try to make some better pics later though :slight_smile:

So, without further ado:

Braaa… err, I mean Juiiiiice

Ain’t they happy fellas?

Trick or Treat!

That’s all for now, it’s just the beginning though… The Grim Reaper-dressed up zombies WILL rule the world!:smiley:

Kera foehunter:

i love your pumkin headed zombies. Now thats a great start of a cool army


sweet, love the pumpkin heads, nice, funny and slightly disturb :cheers

Ghrask Dragh:

:sick very, very cool! the pumpkins look awesome, I think the new ghoul miniatures would fit in well with this sort of look.



Cheers for da comments, folks:cheers

Here’s some more piccies:

’‘Oh yeah? Well screw you too!’'

Musician, Feed Me, Help, Hello (ween), and Jack

Please lemme know what ya think of 'em:)

Ghrask Dragh:

'“Oh yeah? Well screw you too!” - brilliant, he has to be front and centre of your unit.

:o I never noticed the musicians drum before, :hat off Great stuff!

Kera foehunter:

Ha ha i like it.


The painting is a bit too drybrushy for me, but the models look good


I love the fact that at the bottom of the ‘Oh yeah? Well screw you too!’ page there’s an advertisement for Valentine’s Day kisses.

The pumpkin heads are deadly.


Worshiop the crew you zombie, it’s awesome as anything I’ve ever seen

one free pumpkin:)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ah! Midget zombies! Still looking good! Glad to see the "fruit"s of your work (originally unintentional). Also, they will only take over the world with the help of my mutant gerbil-hamsters! “Screw you” looks like my horror champion you made :smiley: Only, more dead, less mutant :smiley:


…And a looooong time passed between then and now, but I’ve been starting up with the Halloween theme again - mainly by buying the new VC book, although I have painted and converted a bit more:

Banner Bearer and some other Zombies

Upyr, Master of Pumpkins

I hope you like them, and commentz are always welcome!



cool look be interesting to see you take the pumpkin theme throughout the whole army pumpkinheaded dragon ?:hat

Hashut’s Blessing:

Like the pumpkin in his staff :smiley: As I saw the name, I was thinking “Character that raises them/general” :smiley: Going well. Make and paint more! (One needs his head upside down and one needs to have lost his and is accidentally kicking it.)


pretty cool theme


Update time!

’‘Dire Wolf’'

Like it? Reply! Don’t like it? Reply!



the dire wolf made me laugh

so cool

are the small zombies goblin bodies with zombie heads


Pumpkinheaded dire spiders they look cool still holding out for the pumkinheaded dragon tho LOL:hat

turquois dwarf:

for the pumpkin dragon you could do a giant winged pumpkin spewing out pumpkin insides with lots of seeds and juicy nasty squishy bits

Hashut’s Blessing:

The dire wolf came out better than I thought it would. I especially like the use of the spider with the abdominal face. When we next meet, I’ll trade you my remaining faced spiders for non-faced spiders, if you’d like?