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Hey everyone,

So instead of simply waiting for the release of the fabulous new Vampire Count models (which seemed like a dull prospect), I instead bought some Zombies and Green Stuff today, since I knew I would go Zombie-heavy anyway. Also, being inspired by the awesome song ‘PunkinHed’ by Boondox, I decided I would go with a cool theme, and I chose Halloween.

Now, I already made some zombies with GS pumpkins for heads, which came out rather well to my own surprise, but what else? I’m planning to paint ‘Trick or Treat’ on a banner or two, and will probably include some Evil Clown Zombies as well, but I was wondering if you guys had something to add on this, as I’m kinda stuck on ideas…

So, any ideas? Anyone with an idea good enough to include gets a free brazen candy:cheers

Thanks in advance:)


Have some “headless horseman” for wight cavalry that would look cool if done right.

Ghrask Dragh:

What about some evil looking ‘trick or treat’ kids…

…or just anything from a nightmare before christmas! :slight_smile:

Headless horseman would be very cool, can’t wait to see your pumpkin heads either EvilClown (cool name:cheers) get some pics up soon!!


@ Willmark: That’s a pretty nice idea, also heard it on several other forums, dunno how soon I’m gonna include Knights, but when I do, they’ll certainly be headless:)

@ Ghrask Dragh: Damn… that’s one awesome avatar ya got there:hat off

Could you tell me some stuff from A Nightmare before Christmas, since I haven’t seen it…?

And expect piccies soon, maybe even this weekend:)

More comments are welcome!:slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

well i can’t wait to see them . Sounds scary


I would have taken pics right now, but I’d better wait for tomoz, since it’s too dark at the mo… Expect some pictures of my WIP zombies though (one of whom’s a kid who gives the finger:P).

I’m not a brilliant sculpter, but I reckon the pumpkins came out nice:)


sounds very nice, and scary. should look good when you get pics up, and I can’t wait to see your pumpkin heads

a beer for a cool idea:cheers

Ghrask Dragh:

The new Vampire Lords seem to have more of a monsterous look to them, would make it very difficult to fit into the empires high society. What if you had one of these grotesque faces on your Lord but have him holding a mask in one hand? nothing fancy just a plain faced mask, to give the impression they use it as a front when consorting with the aristercrates as you would expect a vampire to do (to look after the harvest). It would also fit in the halloween theme, with the mask and all, but with the faces as they are would keep it scary enough.

The only other thing that might be of use (that I can think of anyway) from A Nightmare Before Christmas is the concept behind the Mayor. He has a normal/ happy face on one side of his head which spins around to reveal a spooky/sad face on the other side. Could be cool but would be hard to pull off. There is also a mad scientist who creates the films ‘leading lady’ but with the whole necromancy thing I suppose Vampires wouldn’t really need a mad scientist?