[Archive] Happy Birthday Bilbo Baggins


Happy Birthday dude!

I hope this day will be a great day for you! :hat off

And that you get much great stuff and of course many cool beers! :cheers



Congratulations mate!


Happy birthday keeper of the lost PDF’s ! Your a star bud.


Thank you all.

Even thou I spent most of the day in pain because of shovelling snow Thursday, 16.5 inches of heavy wet snow.


Ha, when I first read this post I totally thought the Tolkien character… as no lie, I just picked up my volume of LOTR this morning!

Happy Birthday Bilbobaggins… you must be in the northeast then eh… I’m up near Albany NY, this last drop missed us… oh wait… it snowed all the way to DC… gee, gotta love winter huh… hope you get some rest today then!!


I’m in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.

I used to love snow, but as I get older the shovelling gets more painful.