[Archive] Happy birthday H.B

Kera foehunter:

well i wish you a happy birthday h.b.  add silly song here

PS happy b.day to you too thepainting monkey

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thank you, Kera. Another year to chisel into my stone leg of age keeping :smiley:


gives you an emence ammount of alchohal

happy birthday

May you age into the hundreds, and may your beard never grow thin.


Happy B-Day there HB, hope it was a good one.


my god HB, are you only 19? well, don’t I feel old. :frowning: have a beer HB, you’re legal in Canada now. hahaha

Happy Birthday to HB and thepaintingmonkey :slight_smile:


19, a fine age. The last of the teen years. Enjoy it!


yeah but you still can’t drink legaly in the US

(not that that stops ANYONE)


Happy birthday H B ,all the best:hat

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Habby Birthday, young beardling! :cheers


Have a good one. Once the teenage years pass, time seems to fly.


my birthday advice . . dont go out, drink 12 aftershocks and wake up handcuffed to ron jeremy


happy birthday


Congrats mate, ah still so young! :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy belated B’day mate!

Hope ya had a corker anyways.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Haven’t actually been pout for it yet. I’d been knackered from rehearsing for exams and slept the entirety of daylight :smiley: Thanks for the pints, but make 'em a cider. Oddly, I get asked for idea more now that I’m overage (live in England :wink: ). Asheira: Cheers for that. Still not drunk, but cheers :wink:

Sojourn: How old did ya think I was? (P.S. I always tease wrinkly old Xander before the podcasts :smiley: )

Mr. Xander: I enjoy any year. The teen ones meant I got told off for it though :smiley:

grishnakh99: It flies when you throw a clock out of the window too :smiley:

torn: 12 isn’t enough to get my tipsy, he he he.

Cheers to all. May you grow as young as I.