[Archive] Happy Birthday


Think it’s a really nice friendly gesture doing this - but with 1500+ members we have birthdays every single day. I was think about, if it wasn’t a better idea to have a ongoing thread for this?

If we need individual threads - could we then consider a new sub-section in the off topic-section for them - maybe with some kind of auto delete after 30 days or so.

Pyro Stick:

Ive been startng to think its a bit unnecessary to have birthday threads everyday as well, especially since half the threads are for members that i havent even heard of or are no longer active enough to warrant a birthday thread.


I PMed with Tarrakk (who made most of this “ongoing Birthday posts”) about this topic!

This was his statement - I hope it’s ok that I quote you here Tarrakk but this statement explains your intention very well!

"I also think that maybe if some of these new members are only here just to look around or lurk, but they never comment…well, maybe if they see that someone is giving them a welcoming greeting like “Happy Birthday”, they might be more inclined to introduce themselves or post a pic or something more active than just hiding.

Have a look at the Member List sometime. there’s a lot of people there that joined up days, months and even years ago but have a 0 post count."

Tarrakk Blackhand
I’m uncertain concerning the result of this efforts but I agree with clam that there must be another solution about this birthday greetings!



I’ve no problem celebrating the 'unknown members and lurkers - but celebrating members that haven’t be log on in a long time seems a bit too much. Like todays ‘thyrk the butcher’ he hasn’t been here since June 2008. Seems more appropiated doing them an email - rather than dedicate them a thread.

But back to the suggestion. Could we do this in a ongoing thread or a subsection instead?