[Archive] Happy New Year 2017!


Happy new year my fellow Dawi Zharr. Stay safe tonight! Remember - goggles give you a cool ash wastes survivor look.

Personally I’ll be spending tonight with my in-laws. I’ll be cooking the food (protein being a beef roast pre-boiled 4 hours in onions, carrots, spices, honey and beer!) and they’ll be bringing the fireworks.

My wifes old grand father is nearly 90 and he’s always bringing enough firepower to start a war!

Great Danish tradition. The extra strong christmas beer is now on sale everywhere, and you can buy all the explosives you can afford at your local grocery store!


Happy New Year everyone!

While I’m jealous on Bloodbeard (I have no grand father in law with tons om explosives) I will play it safe and boring staying indoor with the kids (below 3 years). I wish you all a fantastic evening and expect all of you Daemonsmiths to respect the power of firepowder <3


Gott nytt år!

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Happy new year all and Good luck to you .  I stayed in with my lovely wife.  I know "Old Fart Syndome"

And they don’t trust us with fireworks here anymore.


Happy new year all!

Had a quiet night, movie and a drink. I celebrated by using my Forge World free shipping voucher shortly after 12 to order some rat flavoured slaves :smiley:


Had a good night with a small gathering of friends along with a few spirits. Too soon it’s off to bed and 2017 can wait a few.

Otherwise Happy New Year to my CDO brethren.


Happy New year all!

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Happy New Year guys’ All the best in 2017.


Frohes neues Jahr - happy new Year! :hat off

I wish you all the best and that your wishes will be fulfilled! :smiley:



A calm and quiet night with the wife. Cheers gents! :cheers:cheers

Timothy Archer:

une bonne année à tous et à toutes !!

happy new year to CDO members !


Gott nytt år! We spent new year’s eve in our now traditional way with curry soup, puzzles and board games.

Check out Telestrations! The best and most enjoyable board game I’ve ever encountered. Stimulates creativity and is a great jolly laugh. :cheers

Fuggit Khan:

Happy New Year to my fellow Dawi Zharr :cheers

Jetlag got the best of me, I was asleep a bit after 9pm.

But I am very much looking forward to 2017…to a joyful present and a great New Year :hat off