[Archive] Happy New Year!


I know I know we had the Holiday thread already. But it is literally quarter to midnight and just when I decided to walk into town to see the city’s 150 year celebratory fireworks I realise there’s a snowstorm, literally blowing in my face all the way in to town so I decided I don’t want to see the fireworks that bad and I’ll stay put instead.

So Happy New year to us all and here’s one to getting some new models in the new year. Fresh start for the CD.



Happy New year!

I am considering this a fresh start really.  A lot of things will change and it will take some getting used to.

Whilst i have dabbled with a couple of units and a load of character models, I don’t have a CD army to speak of.  So I’m really looking forwards to seeing what comes, as after 6 years of waiting I may finally get something decent.

I also plan to get some models for sale, one of which I will definitely doing is suitable for a CD army…


I’m looking forward to a new house should happen in the spring so I can bust out my paints again.



Happy new year! :hat off

I hope it will be a good one! :smiley:



Happy new year,

Hope to see some new CD and a book.


happy new year!

this will be a fresh start for me too, as i will (hopefully) finally post pictures of my (wip) CDs!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Happy New Year!!

It’s the year of the glorious return of the bighats so this can only become a very happy and awesome one :cheers


Happy new year! :cheers


Happy new year to all! May all your battles/painting/sculpting be wins :wink:


Indeed happy new years.

wonders it’s always dad that has to take down the tree and decorations, grumble