[Archive] Has anyone seen this guy?


Has anyone seen this the base model for this anywhere to sell?

Ghrask Dragh:

I have this model! I found it on e-bay, he comes up every now and again in the auctions but its the e-bay stores that specialise in GW mini’s (rare ones in particular) where you are most likley to find him!

There are only two Lord/Hero models on foot so shouldn’t be that hard to find!


I have it also.

It shouldn’t be too hard too find it on ebay.


I have found it, but i really dont wanna pay �27 for it… im a tight arse :slight_smile:


Keep in mind the axe is converted, amoungst other things.


Of corse, i saw the original model @ warhammer world (GW headquarters) and i prefer the original


27 quid?! Someone’s having a laugh. He’s not that rare, you should be able to get him for under a tenner pretty easily. Hilarious how people advertise Bull Centaurs and Blunderbusses as rare or OOP when you can still buy them from GW.


This is in the wiki isn’t it?


May not be, but he’s on the main site.