[Archive] Has anyone tried making a hashut warshrine?

Thommy H:

Was there an internet during the 3rd Edition of Warhammer? It’s the first Warshrine on the internet, not the first Warshrine ever (we have to assume, for example, that there were conversions or mock-ups in the studio for playtesting it).

Hashut’s Blessing:

Check the Artisan’s Contest (I believe it’s the second one) and you shall see mine (although it seems that I’d forgotten to paint the beard of the ritualist on it).

Thommy, quite a claim to being the first ever on the internet. Not a challenge, but I’d like to know how you know that for sure…


I remember seeing some Warhammer stuff on the internet in 1992 when my family first got the internet (it helped keep in touch with my brother who still works at CERN, where they developed the WWW)

Still, it kinda looks cool.


@HB/ Thommy

I think a better way of putting it would be that it was the first ‘chaos warshrine’ specifically for WoC that Thommy happened to see on the forums he frequents.  Categorically claiming to be the first for anything in this hobby on the internet is a bit of a stretch too far, unless Thommy did go round every wargame forum in every language, and related site/ photobucket account of everyone into wargaming since the internet started… :wink:

That is a nice model Thommy, is your WoC army on lava bases as well?  Maybe one day I will eventually complete a WoC army.

Back on topic I don’t recall seing any pics on CDO of a CD warshrine (either for WoC counts as or for a regular CD army).  It would be a cool idea though, you could convert a bloodcrusher/ juggernaut to pull it.  A cheaper way might be to convert a zombie cart thing and make the things pulling it look a bit less like zombies. Or maybe even convert a steam tank.

Off topic again, but on my long list of things to sculpt for casting are some slaves pulling ‘something’ and nothing; they would be pulling on a rope or chain that would not be attached to anything so people could use them for conversions.

Hashut’s Blessing:

GSF, I mant it only in that same context and take a look at the Artisan’s Contest and you’ll see one that I made for the contest, but it was intentionally designed to be used as a WoC warshrine too :wink:


Point taken, I obviously meant other than that one… :wink: I didn’t remember reading it was a ‘warshrine’ as opposed to a shrine


Thommy H:

I made it when the scan of the page for the Warshrine in the WoC book first started floating around on Warseer some months before the actual release. I’m pretty sure Warseer was where it first showed up and, in the weeks following people reading it there was a lot of talk about using the Corpse Cart and stuff like that. Some people had begun to draw up plans even. I made, painted and posted the pictures before anyone else on Warseer had gotten that far. I can’t categorically say that someone, somewhere didn’t get there before me and post it online but there weren’t any others that I found in the usual places. Thus, I claim to be the first person to finish a Warshrine and get it posted. I can’t absolutely prove it, but it’s likely given the information. There will undoubtedly have been Warshrines made before mine, but there weren’t any pictures of them online when I first posted this to the best of my knowledge.

Border Reiver:

So what are your thoughts then to make this a warshrine of Hashut? A bull to pull it? A bubbling cauldron of molten metals? A statue of an assyrian style lamassu?


I’ve always liked the idea of a steam-powered CD war shrine, like a mechanical altar to Hashut.

Or a petrified sorcerer on a palanquin, like in Thommy’s list :slight_smile:

Or a Bull Centaur pushing a huge Tenderiser, although maybe thats better suited to a chariot.

Thommy H:

Brazen bull or a petrified Sorcerer, yeah. Maybe a big vat of molten gold with some slaves going in like in Baggronor’s army. Needs wheels though.

Da Crusha:

Brazen bull or a petrified Sorcerer, yeah. Maybe a big vat of molten gold with some slaves going in like in Baggronor's army. Needs wheels though.

Thommy H
pretty cool warshrine, I also like the suggestion for a petrified sorcerer since it is likely a petrified sorcerer was once a mighty lord of dawi zharr.

Baggroner: You have to post a link, I have to see this. Wow I just found, that is wicked.
So what are your thoughts then to make this a warshrine of Hashut? A bull to pull it?  A bubbling cauldron of molten metals?  A statue of an assyrian style lamassu?

Border Reiver
wow that would make a really good warshrine of hashut, I like all of that except for the lammasu, I've never been a fan of it much.

Kera foehunter:

like this

Border Reiver:

Not the model fo the lamassu, I’m talking about the human headed bull with the wings that you often see.

Kera - that keg’s not nearly big enough. And the lady lacks the scale mail bikini to appeal to the real dawi zharr male…

Kera foehunter:

br that the new beer can !!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thommy, thanks for the indepthness, you could’ve stopped at you’d done it when the file floated about :wink: Again, apologies if it sounded like I was challenging, I think I was more curious as to when it was posted, just didn’t think how to word it propery, lol. No hard feelings, I hope :smiley:

Anything you can think of as holy. A statue of a bull, maybe a bull itself. Some could say a bull sacrifice, mine is sacrifices under a minotaur painted to be a statue (doome dive with the wings cut off so the goblin looks tied down, some gnoblars in cages trailing behind). You could have a vat/cauldron of molten metal with slaves being dipped in, some ritualists on a cart, a small shrine, a chorus of pirests and the like. Maybe even something like slaves being tortured as “insipration” for the troops to do better or end up like that etc etc…

Kera foehunter:

ok here a real shire http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f4/Castle_Rock_Brewery_-Nottingham-England-_2004-11-04.jpg

Border Reiver:

It’s a bit small, but it is a good start. Now about the short females in lamellar bikinis to inspire the troops…

Kera foehunter:

hey a shrine would be cool for the golden hat contest !!!


I like the idea of a warshrine!

In the last months I thought about this theme.

Unfortunatley I haven´t the real “touching” idea by now… the suggestions with the lammasu, the petrified sorcerer and so on are very cool. My problem is the realisation of such a warshrine …


Hashut’s Blessing:

I had a cool idea for a warshrine a couple of days ago, which I eventually plan to do: stegadon! It coes with a platform and stuff, then, just add whatever paraphernalia you want (sacrificial altar, statues, semi-stone sorcerers etc)…