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As there is little known about Hashut I thought I would write something. I have not done this to an A grade (i.e. ruff draft) but it is good enough to convey some of my ideas. It takes into account much material which is out there about Hashut and tries to mesh it together to form a fuller picture.

Hashut- The Father of Darkness

There is much controversy surrounding the nature of the deity Hashut, a controversy fuelled by the isolationist nature of the Chaos Dwarfs of which information is rare. One thing all can be certain about: Hashut�?Ts evil is beyond doubt and perhaps why he is regarded as a minor Chaos god by some.

Some question if he is a god at all, perhaps a Demon Prince or Greater Demon posing as a god, like what happens amongst the human tribes in the lands of the north, they put forth. Some claim Hashut was once a powerful lieutenant of Khorne who was imprisoned after some major, forgotten, trespass. This seems contradicted by the fact the Priests of the Bull Headed God are sorcerers who use a secret lore given to them by Hashut, as the Blood God hates those who use the magical arts. Although perhaps this was Hashut�?Ts crime some wonder.

A rare few keepers of forbidden lore tell yet another story, apparently the story said to be believed by the Chaos Dwarfs themselves to do with Hashut�?Ts title �?oFather of Darkness�?�. They speak of a time not of the coming of Chaos but the coming of the Old Ones.

Only the vaguest information is given in these myths which state the Old Ones in their explorations came across Hashut. It is said this was the first encounter the Old Ones had with evil. Where they sort to spread life and enlightenment, Hashut only sort desolation and darkness. The only path such a meeting would ever lead to was war. Finally after a tireless struggle Hashut was defeated on his capital world, imprisoned and sent into a slumber which was meant to be eternal.

If this is true then there were evil deities before the gods of Chaos, indeed Hashut might be truly the Father of Darkness in this sense, being the first ever. It is not a far of step to conclude that the reason Hashut might have some parallels with the Chaos Gods, especially Khorne, is because he is their ancestor.

It is also not known if Hashut has yet gained his freedom. It is believed that during the first Chaos incursion the dwarfs of the east were saved from the tides of demons by Hashut, although whether this was by freeing or awakening him is unclear. It could be that although Hashut�?Ts body sleeps his spirit is awake and able to communicate with the Chaos Dwarfs and use some of his divine power such as the creation of the Bull Centaurs. On the other hand Hashut might be awake but not free from his prison. Scholars have put forward that Hashut was banished from this dimension and his �?oprison�?� is actually the only portal that he can re-enter the world. It has been speculated that the constant sacrificing of souls to Hashut is towards the ends of freeing him or awakening him.


that reads really awesome


it could be the true story behind hashut, but who knows what GW will do with hashut, if they bring out a new CD book



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