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just got my chaos dwarf from hasslefree.

ive got to say im very impressed with it, although its not going into my big-hat army im doing a little conersion work on it, and im going to paint it as a red and green marauder style CD.

for anyone that likes that style id highly reccomend it. the only thing that would put you off is the price, at £3.50 it would make for a very expensive regiment trooper. Still nice for a character though.

[picture added by wallacer:]


Any pics?? Links?? I’d like to see it.



It’s Sjoerd Trouwee’s (Pulper) fig we are talking about? The one he showed off at HoH? - and ain’t selling at Twisted Tales - right?

If so, yes it’s a very original CD (3edish/Marauder) - I think I’ll purchase one too.

And I’ll like to see how yours turned out!


link, pics, please

Kera foehunter:

come on torn PLEASE PLEASE could you send a picture.


Here is the link



That kicks butt. Pulper’s stuff is nothing short of awesome.


Added picture to original post to make life easier for all concerned :cheers

Kera foehunter:

thank you torn and thank for the picture uncle wallacer. i like the shoulder pads and beards