[Archive] hasslefree chaos dwarf


just thought id show you all my hasslefree chaos dwarf.

because im a bighatter this wont go into my army, so i kept it on a round base and it will get used the advanced heroquest campaign im in somehow.

i converted the helmet slightly to give it a bit more of the classic chaos all-star colour scheme.

Kera foehunter:

Look great and i like your slave zombies too


Very nice, although i feel sorry for the kid that zombie seems to be chomping on[/align]


they are the heresy ghouls, which were really fun to paint. i did them in vallejo pale flesh (a couple of coats) then did highlights by mixing green ink into the pale flesh to get this really horrible rotten skin colour. The thing being eaten is actually a human baby . . . .


you bastard, you just let a ghoul it a baby (cool)


Not bad mate, I think the axe could do with some highlights though. It doesnt look right all that same colour so maybe break it up a bit

Love Haslefrees figs, I plan on getting more and they are such great people to deal with !!!