[Archive] [Hasslefree Miniatures] Chaos Dwarf WIP


Just want to share this:

Kev White (HAsslefree) is working on this Chaos Dwarf-ish miniature (B, if you shouldn’t recognize :slight_smile: ) Sculpt in his usual more “true scale” grymn/Celtos style, so probably not everybody’s cup of tea, but I do like it (as most of his sculpts).

If you are on facebook and wants to see this finished soon - go tell him to hurry up:


If on FoD - then vote here, as well: Heresy Miniatures: , The best miniatures that you never heard of!


Till now the model looks quite cool!

I’m curious what weapons Kev will give him.

By the way the Succubus also looks very promising!



I voted, but how can a chaos dwarf ever compete against a naked girl…?


Yeah, competition seems unfair :smiley:

Time of Madness:

Not very fond of it at the moment. Looks a wee bit thin for my tastes.

Time of Madness

Thommy H:

I do like it, but there’s no shortage of character models out there for Chaos Dwarfs these days! Whole ranges are the thing now, and actually we now have a few of those too… Who’d have ever thought we’d reach a point where a new evil dwarf model wasn’t worth getting that excited about, eh?

In conclusion: Kev should make the succubus because naked ladies pay his bills.