[Archive] 'Hatmets' from eldar heads?


Had an idea a while ago about this.

Basically you take an Eldar Guardian head, trim off the top (leaving enough for a decent hat), then greenstuff to smooth it.

Or put something ontop of the cut (pins/ plasticard etc) to help make it flatter.

The guardian heads could be quite effective in an ‘evil expressionless’ way??


Hrm, kind of hard for me to picture. Might have to see a sample. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

yea im not a 40k girl could you please please give us a idea


yea your going to have to give us an example i cant picture it either


As I don’t have any Eldar heads this might be a problem.  I’ll ask around and see if I can ‘borrow’ one from one of my friends.


Kera, have yo seen the high/dark elf helmets, esentialy take one of them, make it flat and take away the spikes/decorations and fill in the face with a flat mask with the only features being a pare of eyes that look so creepy

actualy, that could work quite well for a unit of immortal’s faces

Kera foehunter:

okay now its a little better i think. a dwarf with a dark elf helmetwith eyes???


and no facial eatures, just eyes


Here’s a simple paint version of what I mean.



Would the Eldar Guardian head be broad/fat enough to be in scale with a dwarf’s head?

Kera foehunter:

Sorry for the troubles Grims. but that’s Super dooper kick ass


I like the idea, you of all people should be able to execute it Grim.


yoink, i’m stealing your idea grim, for my immortals (chaos dwarf warriros with great weapons/hammerers depending on what rules I’m using), give them a nice, emotionless identical look, and dosen’t require much sculpting

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Sorry but I don’t think this would look any good. Eldar heads are quite small and frail, nothing like broad thick stunty heads. And the helmet shape doesn’t look like anything a Dwarf would make.


im agreeing with ishkur, it doesnt looks dwarfy at all not 1 bit,

hopfully you can make it look good, but im not sure