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Hat’s Cat

Old guard Azhimbul owned an imported sabretusk cat,

prowling our catacomb labyrinth he did it lat.

In old Azhimbul’s dwelling it dropped skulls on orc-hide mat,

cat did keep Skaven at bay from gaining habitat.

The two patrolled the olden tunnels under Hashut’s ziggurat,

pair’s heavy footsteps did scare each and every bat.

Old guardsman Azhimbul came upon an oddity at the third qanat,

when they cornered with blades one very dirty rat.

The Skaven ratman chittered about being some diplomat,

bringing urgent message to our highest theocrat.

Ratman drew then forth from his black cloaks a Tilean ducat,

and told the guard it was of the greatest gold carat.

Old guardsman Azhimbul had eleven tuskbabes begat,

such a dutiful father have honour under hat.

By Prophet’s will took he no bribes in any format,

axing for the ratman he did tell him that.

Knives in hands the Skaven dodged it like an acrobat,

old guard could not know where his target sat.

The rat assassin stabbed old Azhimbul in his broadest fat,

yet saw not what the sabretusk did strike out at.

Severing the ratman’s neck the cat then red blood spat,

and Azhimbul tossed the corpse in a filthy giant vat.

- Chaos Dwarf children rhyme song