[Archive] Hats off to CDO!


Hats off to Chaos Dwarf Online! :hat off

I just wanted to say thanks to Xander and the whole crew. In the short time I’ve been here it has been one of the best experiences on the web. Unlike some other sites I’ve been on… its neither snooty, over the top arrogant, or over the top confrontational. The site is a blast and can wait to see what the future brings for all our armies here.

May it always be so, May your Hat grow tall (even though I’m not a “hatter”), may your enemies always tremble at the sight of our Chaos Stunties, and may GW not screw up the list in the next incarnation in 7th (hopefully).



A great forum requires great members! Thanks guys! :cheers

Uzkul Werit:

And I hear that. claps

The future most certainly looks good. I bet on a book after the Skaven one.


And if not, we can continue to kick the crap out of our foes with nothing but a pdf list. That is teh best, mop your opponent across the floor and say: “Oh yeah? we don’t even have an Army book”

Uzkul Werit:

The best is when kids say you cheat as you’re using Ravening Hordes. Oh boy. Someone said that to me at Games Day.


Yes:hat off to CDO and its members All Hail Hashut


Since discovering this site I must say that it is indeed a very very great site, not the least because of the people that are here. Hats off to all. :hat off

- Tallhat

Ghrask Dragh:


This is without a doubt my favourite site on the web due to both an extremly helpful and talented Administrator and Moderator team and a enthusiastic and good-natured community!

Happy to be a part of it,

Hats off to CDO! :hat off


Who needs GW when so many people are ready to use their valuable time to keep some sadistic, capitalistic race alive ?

Thanks to all.

:hat off:cheers


Yeah you’d think that GW had to look real hard in the mirror or something? :wink:


The best is when kids say you cheat as you're using Ravening Hordes. Oh boy. Someone said that to me at Games Day.

Uzkul Werit
Yea I couldnt belive that (cheeky un-educated army book player :~), even more incredible was that your copy of Ravening Hordes has survived so long without being elaminated (I had three copies at one time all blown to smithereens now)

Great site too I agree! Learn't so much already and I now have a growing CD army, its already 15 more CD warrirors and extra 10 hobbo wolfriders now since I last whooped you Uzkul (well I just earthshakered and magiced while the spider rider player won :cheers)

The Flying Beaver:

People are starting to compliment the forum’s community feel! Yet another milestone for CDO! :slight_smile:

Cheers to everyone! :cheers


It is probably due to the size. The larger forums get a lot of members who can’t accept that someone has a different opinion to them so they start insulting each other.

Uzkul Werit:

Gilzam - Whooped? Whooped?!? Remember what happened to your Blunderbusses boy. pats spade

As for keeping your Ravening Hordes in good shape, it’s just a matter of tender loving care. The back page nearly came off but I taped it back on. laughs

Ishkur Cinderhat:

My own copy of ravening hordes is in pretty good shape, which is mostly due to the fact that it was hidden under a pile of White Dwarfs of mine for many years. :slight_smile:

This forum is simply great! I am in a few forums on the internet (and moderator in one for many years now) but nowhere else do I have the feeling that the forum is carried by so much enthusiasm and creativity as here. My hat goes off to Xander for the energy which he puts into this whole project for such a long time now. May your beard grow long and curly! :hat

Traitor King:

I agree with you ther Ishkur, the sheer volume of enthusiasm and creativity is realy starting to push this site into something quite unique.

Hats off to all and cheers to our Moderating team! :cheers


Indeed. A fantastic site. A lot of other sites out there could learn a thing or two, especially from our Moderators. :hat off

- Tallhat


Without this site, or particularly Xander’s conversion guide, I would probably have never started this undertaking… which would have been sad…

Now I find the chaos dwarfs are very fun to play. I converted a sorcerer who’s nose is so big, it must be the source of his power. (I’ll have to make it glow…)

And without this site, that would have never happened. It has also improved my confidence with green stuff quite a bit. I’d like to thank you, all of you, for making such an awesome site!

Grongi Blackbeard:

I totally agree with evrything that has been said in this thread:hat off


It allmost makes you hope we never get an army book. One of the reasons this forum is so good imo is that playing and collecting chaos dwarfs is a big undertaking and they are v. much a specialist army. Other sites suffer from bouts of johnny come lately power gamers. Go CDO!