[Archive] Have some WF Chaos Dwarfs (round 2)

Time of Madness:

EDIT Unfortunately I had a deal lined up for the entire lot, but my buyer has pulled out :frowning: I received a total of 33 different pm’s from people, so instead of sending messages back to everyone I decided I would just repost this. I’m not going to post this back up on bartertown for now***

Hey folks,

I’ve come to the conclusion after many games that I purchased way too many Infernal guard with hand weapon/shield. Even in games at 2500pts I’ve only been running one unit due to the pt cost.

Here’s a quick list of things I’d be willing to get rid of


- Tamurkhan book $70.00 US shipped

- 35 Infernal guard $150.00 US shipped

- LE Hellsmith / daemonsmith $35.00 US shipped


- OOP metal wood elf treeman

- Corpse Cart bits (minus the actual cart - all on spruce)

In return I am looking for the following

- Warhammer Forge Chaos Dwarf Warmachines

- $$$Cash via paypal to buy the above warmachines

- 1 box of chaos warriors

- 1 chosen command box (5 models)

- Metal savage orcs (5th or 6th edition ones)

- May be interested in some more 5th edition lizardmen as well

Time of Madness


PM sent for Infernal guard


PM sent for Hellsmith


I’d be interested in some Infernal Guard and the Book.

I have some metal Savage Orcs to trade:

- 24 6th edition metal Savage Orcs

- 25 5th edition metal Savage Orcs

- 11 5th edition metal Savage Orcs

- 7 5th edition metal Savage Orc Boar Boys (undercoated)

- 8 6th edition metal Savage Orc Boar Boys + Wurrzag, with the current plastic Boars.

Let me know if you’re interested in a trade :slight_smile:


pm sent for hellsmith

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Back up for sale!

Time of Madness


Oh boy, I’m so buying those Infernal Guards as soon as my TKs are sold… If nobody else gets there first! Good luck, gentlemen.


Out of curiosity, how much would the IG be shipped to Europe?

Time of Madness:

Sorry folks, but I only have 7 infernal guard left.

Time of Madness


I’ll take them. Would you drop me a PM regarding the p&p, paypal, etc? :slight_smile: