[Archive] Heavy Armored Hobgoblin Riders


I’m not very good at conversions, though I have been working on human->hobgoblin conversions primarily using Bretonnian peasant models and goblin warriors heads (I snip off the hats so that my hobgoblins can have hats).

I returned to the project after my year abroad and my half year back. I completed a unit of 15 warriors (I know, useless in battle :frowning: But, they work for ‘example’ in my upcoming Hobgoblin Army Book) and I have my archers and my wizard all set up to paint.

Oglah Khan wolfriders cover most of my rider needs, but now I need to tackle task of finding human models that I can replace the heads for in order to create heavy armored Hobgoblin riders.

I see three possibilities, so I’d like it if people could weigh in and tell me which  of the three would likely look the most Chinese/Mongolian if painted in a different color scheme than normal and also which of them you think I’d have the easiest time converting. The three possibilities I see are Dark Elf Cold One Knights, High Elf Silver Helms and Brettonian Knights.

I’m almost leaning towards the Cold One knights because they are relatively cheap ($22 for 5?!) and if I have to have extra mounts I think I’d prefer raptors than horses. But since the pictures GW no longer offers pictures of ever piece that comes in the set on its site, I can’t know if they’d fit appropriately.

Kera foehunter:

i think the dark elves, would be cool it give them a more evil looking armor


I totally consistent with Kera!

Nothing more to remark!


Hashut’s Blessing:

I have a 6th edition cold one knight as my hobgoblin hero :wink:


Look at hoard_*_bits store on ebay, . He breaks things down with pictures pretty good so you can make the pieces out. One possibility might be to use chaos hounds as the mount and bodies from Brit knights.


Has to be the dark elves the models rock and they are very easy to convert


Easiest way to do it is with goblin wolfriders. Use the [[BFSP]] goblins, it’s what I did and it’s effective. Check my blog or the Image galleries for photos.


The current Brettonian models are too big to make good Hobgoblins.

High Elfs would be better but I don’t think they’d look quite right, although you could probably convert them to make them look appropriate.

Of the 3 choices I agree with the prior posters that Dark Elves are probably the better option.


how about the Oglah Khans wolfboyz DOW unit? they are wearing quite a heavy armoured suit, especially compared with regular wolfriders?

still available via mail order.


Well, I am using Oglah Khan’s Wolfboyz as my light armored cavarly.

I decided to go with the Dark Elfs for now and up-size their mounts from normal wolfs to Chaos wolfs.

I realized how badly sized the wolf are for Hobgoblins after getting the LotR Worgs to use a Hobhounds and seeing that they actually outsized the wolfs. x_x;