[Archive] heavy, dramatic bases for Llamasu, etc.?


heavy, dramatic bases for Llamasu, etc.?

I have made bases before and also put the base on something larger to keep it from toppling over. However, I’m wondering if anyone makes a base out of metal that is suitably dramatic (like a pile of rocks, statuary, etc) to pose my Chaos DWarf Lord on a Llamasu etc on top of. A pile of skulls might also work.

I’ve a few other figures that would do well from a nice, oversized (tall) and heavy base.

Thanks! :hat off

Ugly Green Trog:

I have the raging heroes llamasu and its climbing down from a shriveled tree stump it looks awesome.


Who is Raging Heroes?

I’m looking for bases, not figs, thanks


Who is Raging Heroes?

I'm looking for bases, not figs, thanks

I think he was just giving an example of the type of base he is using


Metal bases are rare not to mention prohibitively expensive to produce on a mass scale. If you would weight up the pros of casting 30 miniatures and re sell them at £2 a figure or the weight of 1 base for the same price I’m sure you would produce the base. Metal however much we all like it over the past several months has gone stupidly expensive perhaps it would be better to see if any producers of bases or resins would weight the resins to add suplimental additives to their casting resins to produce a heavier base. I know for a fact that adding materials like talc can add 100grams of talc to 150 grams of liquid resin to add weight without adding bulk to the casting resin or affecting the quality of your cast component.


lead sinkers plus hammer plus glue


I should explain that so you dont glue a hammer and sinkers to your lammassu

flatten some sinkers and glue them to the underside of the base gives you pretty good ballast.


Some of the reaper miniatures figures come with metal bases (the Krung Beast for example).
You might find some of them suitable, although they’re not hugely dramatic.



these are more what I have in mind - altho they’re resin:




I have this one for me (light resin) lammasu, it looks great and is fairly heavy and strurdy resin.