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Saw the South Park episode last night that contained “cheesing”, where Kenny got high from cat urine and went into a fantasy world based on the old animated film Heavy Metal. Hilarious (even the ironic side plot of Cartman), and brought back the memories.

For those who haven’t seen Heavy Metal, it is a series of animated sequences in different styles, ranging from fantasy to sci fi. There isn’t a real plot, each sequence is pretty much self contained, although there is a tiny thread running through all of them. Like the magazine of the same name, there are a lot of large breasted ladies, and the art is very impressive. Completely blew me away when I first saw it (although since I was a teenage boy, the large breasted ladies may have played a part)

Anyone else seen the film? What did you think of it?

Kera foehunter:

that was a kick ass south park . I beat you love the world of boobs.(that was too funny) Talking about heavy metal. i did not see it when it first came out like you old ones. But i like it !! I like the one of the space captain that was on trial. I Forget his name

Cornixt i was thinking how many people of this site watch south park .


It was a good episode.

Loved the Heavy Metal references.


One can watch all the episodes of south park at south park studios, in case anyone was interested in watching an episode.


Captain Stern!!

Lots of fond memories of Heavy Metal, for the above mentioned reasons. Also, it was made in Canada, so what’s not to love? :slight_smile: Its a crazy movie, but has a lot of interesting things in it. My fave segment is B-17, I think. Something about how the music ties in with it. Of course, the T’aarna segment has a warm place in my heart for obvious reasons.


Kera foehunter:

Thank sweety for that


When I read the title of this post and clicked, I expected a discussion relating to the 'Eavy Metal painting team which did many of the painted models featured in old army books… much to my surprise this is nothing to do with that, but none-the-less has me reminiscing about the old model orcs and goblins… which reminds me about another post I wanted to do…

Oh… and as for what you are actually talking about… I am clueless :expressionless:


the southpark episode was cool to see, but not as funny as the one with the midge :stuck_out_tongue: