[Archive] HeelanHammer #38 feat. Ubertechie


I’m on my weekly 6 hours train ride.

Have just listen to the HeelanHammer podcast episode #38 - life of Bryan - and think I should plug it a bit here.

This episode features our own Bryan ‘Ubertechie’ Carmichael. Mainly talking about his Deamons and his game against Wayne Kemp (HeelanHammer co-host) - but at the end they have an interesting chat about the Indy GT list - and why it probably wouldn’t be that common a list on the UK tournament scene.

And of course, some classic (but quite funny) big hat love/hate discussions :smiley:


Thanks for the link.


Thanks Clam I’ll have to grab that.


Good show, I liked some of the things they covered and some of their ideas. Maybe CDR could incorporate some similar ideas.