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Grimbold Blackhammer:

I notice that in the Hellbound War Machine rules on page 175 they specifically refer to the Iron Deamon counting as a War Machine (while the unit itself has the profile ‘unique’). If it is, can a Daemonsmith use his reroll on the cannonade?

Grimbold Blackhammer


I would think so…

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I would think so...

Does hellbound apply to the crew as well granting them T5?
Since the crew are not a separate unit I would think the upgrade applies to the whole unit giving them the T bonus.


I don’t think that the Iron Daemon can benefit from the Daemonsmith’s re-roll as it is not a war machine. This is also why the Iron Daemon can stand and shoot.

We can’t use the rule for one and not the other just because it suits us to.

KingFisher, no the crew don’t get the Toughness bonus just the machine.



Grimbold Blackhammer:

After a second (and third and fourth) reading I’m inclined to agree no Daemonsmith rerolls. However I see no RAW reason why the crew should not benefit from the effects of being Hellbound. While the crew’s Toughness would technically become ‘1’ (not that it matters), they would get magical attacks. Weird…

Grimbold Blackhammer


Question about the hellbound warmachine after tournament which needs a FAQ :

Hellbound warmachines have their Wounds characteristics increased by 1.
But the rulebook says that when the warmachine loses a wound, remove one crew. When it has no more crew, remove the warmachine.
In RAW, the +1 wound is useless.
Is the intent of the rule not to confer one additional wound to the warmachine?


I was thinking this myself. I think the intent is that the machine has a wound of its own, being possessed and all that. They don’t clarify though, which is silly.

If the Iron Daemon can be Hellbound, then surely it is a war machine? As Hellbound applies to War Machines…

I’d certainly say it benefits from the re-roll, should a Daemonsmith be in range (fairly unlikely most of the time).


I still wish that the Daemon could be taken as a mount for a prophet, or Daemonsmith.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Ahh but if it were a warmachine, it couldn’t charge and opponents would get the benefit of the Ironcurse Icon against all of its attacks (including its Thunderstomps). And that would be bad.

Grimbold Blackhammer


Heh, i always assumed that with Hellbound you don’t remove a crew for the first wound. Definitely needs clarification


Ahh but if it were a warmachine, it couldn't charge and opponents would get the benefit of the Ironcurse Icon against all of its attacks (including its Thunderstomps).  And that would be bad.
Hm. That would indeed be bad. Oh well.