[Archive] Hellcannon 18th favorite miniature


The Hellcannon was voted the 18th favorite miniature by games workshop staff worldwide interesting.




Pretty sure the number one will be a hobgoblin.


That’s awesome! GW putting us in the lime light! Yeah!


That’s one small step for an Ogre, one giant leap for a Gnoblar

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

It is on there quite some time there now … I think there will pop up another CD there somewhere, they’re nice models!! :slight_smile:


I was hoping GW would sell all the 25th voted ones as a special tribute, as a certain CD sorcerer would then be on sale. I don’t think that will happen though.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Oh yeah … would be very good for them and very nice for us :slight_smile:


A few popular nominees dropped-out because the moulds for them had suffered deplorably from old age and long usage �?" and we really wanted to cast some of our all-time faves if at all possible.
Doesn’t that mean they will be for sale for some time again ( … in a special offer)?


If they had a single model they could do another mould for it.

Kera foehunter:

That means that gw still think chaos dwarfs rules


I like your new avatar Kera :wink:

I see what you mean Hrothgar. By the way Rick phrased it it makes it sound like those who remain could have models? Or is that just a wish too far?

I’d pick up at least 2 of the old sorcerer if they did him again, assuming the price wasn’t too stupid.


There are still a lot of Hellcannons in distribution, sitting on a shelf somewhere. I ordered a Hellcannon about 2 months ago and got it in reasonable time through my local gaming store (Phoenix Rising in St. Caths, Ontario). He has a long standing with GW and was able to procure one. So you should try to get one even if you think you can’t!! I was told it might not be in the box when I got it, but still, it came as it was when Storm of Chaos was about.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

It’s not really the Hellcannon I’m worried about, it’s still in production isn’t it? When I read through that text above the 25 best miniatures pics, I take the conclusion those 25 will be available for short time. If you only focus on my quote, you could say they’re surely going to do that, since some figures dropped out because they’re not “castable” any more - gee :slight_smile:


GW did a section a while ago where every month or 2 they would re-release some figures that were oop. They had a load of Goblins and Elves or Eldar I think at first but the section wasnt continued and lasted about 3 months I think. The prices they wanted for these were ridiculous though so I guess thats why no one bought them, I have a felling these 25 will be massively overpriced as well. Thats if they do decide to sell them again…