[Archive] Hello again!


Well, I’ve been inactive for roughly a year, and I thought I’d offer some explanation as to my sojourn.

Actually, I’ll just be quick.
Left an abusive relationship, lost 70kg, had rollercoaster emotions, got back into things. Now starting the hobby again!
So that’s me.

I’ll be beefing up my WOC army, with a large Chaos Dwarf contingent, and we’ll see how that goes. I’ll be basically changing from a Nurgle army to a Nurgle-Khorne sort of allegiance, with worship of Hashut and Khorne sort of merged.

It’s basically just an excuse to use all the kickass FW models :smiley:

So yeah, watch this space. I shall be posting a lot of conversions, paintjobs, and some literature. I now have an entire house all to myself and my models, so I imagine I shall be quite industrious!

Thankyou again to everyone for being such a great community.

All the best,



Hey dude, nice to see you back. Glad things sorted themselves out for ya.


Hey dude, nice to see you back. Glad things sorted themselves out for ya.

Cheers man :)
Yeah, just in hospital for a little bit longer but then I'm unleashed back on the world with a vengeance! Things are much better.

Oh, and I shall have a full 1500 point vintage CD army being painted as well ;)


Good to have you back. I always loved your crazy ginormous projects :slight_smile:


Welcome back, missed your ideas!

Ghrask Dragh:

Welcome back buddy, always liked the idea of dwarfs worshipping the 4 gods as well, looking forward to seeing what you do


Thanks again for the warm welcome back, guys :slight_smile:

I had a look at the Slaughterbrute/ Warpbeast combo pack today, and think I’m get a Slaughterbrute and use the tentacles from the other coming out of the ground for either a unit filler, scenery, or an objective marker.

So many ideas running through my head right now. I’ve nearly finished my marauders and Scylla Angfirmin, so I shall post those once they’re done, and you can see them.

Again, thankyou. It means a lot to me to have this community, and I’m having a great time reading through all your work you’ve done in the last year! :hat off: