[Archive] Hello Guys how ya been?


Hey guys sorry i haven’t been on much lately.
Been busy with a ton of homeschool high school, I plan to to try to paint some more miniatures when i have the time.
I think i might make a Tzeentch warriors of chaos/chaos space marines army one day.
But back to the point, I’ve been busy like all hell this year and i had lots of problems last year so i plan to get back here and post some more pictures of models and may try to draw some warhammer creatures which would be a bit of a challenge.
Also i had my birthday last saturday on the 20th…It was pretty bad ass got a ps3 and been busy playing the new final fantasy,avatar the game and bioshock 1 & 2.
Anyway Pat out so stay cool and listen to some music.


Welcome back to the fold.


Git :wink: i clicked that link for all of one second .I name that song in two and banish it back to the depths of hell :sick