[Archive] Help a Fantasy Noob

Zargon the Black:

I have been mostly a 40k player but have become burnt out recently. I have decided to try out fantasy and have selected the Chaos Dwarfs to be my army.

A good friend of mine has moved back into my area. He has several fantasy armies and has challenged me to a game in the next week or so…

The game will be 2600pts and we will be using the random game and terrain generators in the BRB.

My list is:


Sorcerer-Prophet, Magic Level 4 (Lore of Hashut), Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation


Infernal Castellan, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Mask of the Furnace

Demonsmith-Sorcerer, Level 1 (Lore of Fire), Ruby Ring, Charmed Shield


31 Infernal Guard, Standard, Musician

31 Infernal Guard, Standard, Musician


Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Magma Cannon

Magma Cannon


K’daii Destroyer

K’daii Destroyer

His List will be:


Oldblood, Shield, Cold One, Glittering Armor, Blade of Realities


Skink Priest, Ancient Stegadon, Level 2 (lore of Heavens), Plaque of Tepok

Skink Chief, Light Armor, Blowpipe, Venom of Firefly, Shield of Ptosos

Scar Veteran, BSB, War Banner, Cold One, Light Armor, Shield, Spear


10 Skink Skirmishers, blowpipes, brave

10 Skink Skirmishers, blowpipes, brave

20 Skink Skirmishers, blowpipes, brave

30 Saurus Warriors, Full Command, Spears


10 Cold Ones Cavalry, Full Command, Sun Standard


Ancient Stegadon

Ancient Stegadon

As I don�?Tt see a toad in his list I�?Tm guessing this list is not very competitive? So he may be going easy on me since I�?Tm a noob (let the wookie win so to speak…)

As we have exchanged lists I cannot change mine till next game. What I�?Tm looking for is:

1) advice on deployment

2) how I can improve on the list for other games

3) what I should be looking out for in his army e.g. Target priority.  

4) any tips or advice for winning the various scenarios in the BRB

5) Any advice in general for a fantasy noob

I will write up the battle using battle chronicler after we have played it. So keep an eye out in the Battle reports section.

richard barby:

kill the skinks or there poison will knock over your destroyers before they make combat

drop big pies on them from the deathrockets and the magma cannons

hold back your destroyers till for a turn or2 till there are less skinks around then pile them in to combat make the target units flamable with magic= job done


I would recommand you to play lore of fire in order to burn skinks with fire ball and other magic projos.

You can alos replace your sorcerer prophet by 2 level 2 deamonsmith, one with lore of fire, the other with lore of metal:

Fire to deal with skinks, metal to crush his huge cavalry and stegadon (who have a 4+/3+ armour save).

Always take fire ball and the primary spell from lore of metal and it will be fine.

The adventage of taking 2 deamonsmith is that you will be able to place them close to your war machine and use the “deamonsmith special rule” in order to re-roll artillry/deviation dice.

Why 31 infernal guards? 29 with infernal castellan and 25 with heavy weapon would be nice!


holy moly, for a noob, this is your first game and you’re playing almost 3000 points! pretty ambitious… and you have all those troops already? or are you proxy-ing stuff? Really as a noob, the best thing to do is just experiment with what each of your troop types does a bit… I suggest playing a few mini games… with just 1 unit or so against some of the troop types your opponent will be taking… that way you get a better feel for what your guys can do! Either way: good luck! And just remember - the object is really to have fun!

Zargon the Black:

Thanks everyone for the advice.

@dncswlf: yes it will mostly be proxies for me as currently I own only 2 Destroyers and a demonsmith.

Well last night we rolled for scenario and terrain.

For scenario we rolled a �?~1�?T so �?~Battleline�?T it is. For terrain I rolled a �?~6�?T (sigh�?�) so 10 pieces of terrain�?� here is what came up:

1. (2) Settlement of order - 3 buildings, 3!! Sets of obstacles (Wall, Blessed Bulwark x2) and a sigmarite shrine

2. (7) Mysterious forest

3. (6) Building

4. (5) Hill-Temple of skulls

5. (4) Sinister Structure -Haunted Mansion

6. (3) Steadfast Sanctum- Sigmarite shrine

7. (11) Marsh-Khemerian Quicksand

8. (3) Steadfast Sanctum- Dwarf Brewhouse

9. (7) Mysterious forest

10. (9) Mysterious river

My god I thought I was playing fantasy not �?~Cityfight�?T lol

Anyway I�?Tll need to keep my Destroyers away from those shrines.

We�?Tll probably set up the board something like this:

As for the Game it�?Tll be sometime towards the end of the week when my mate comes off his rotation.