[Archive] Help finding a paint scheme


Hey everyone. After a lot of deliberating between armies, I finally chose the LoA as my second army, although it turns out as I read more and more I’m liking them more than my good ol’ Ostermark force :cheers

I should be putting the order in for a lot of models in a week or so. I’m planning on doing some underground CD, bases with crystals and all that. My k’daai fireborn are going to be the Hail Kin models from Dark Age and I’m planning on converting a privateer press mountain king for my destroyer in keeping with the underground crystal/drilling theme.

The one major hassle I’m currently facing is a paint scheme for my basic troops. I came across this on coolminiornot and I actually like it, though I cannot find the recipe for the color scheme anywhere. Anyone have any clues for it? Oh and what crystals would look good with a paint scheme like that considering all K’Daai are going to incorporate crystals in some way?

Here’s the link just in case the pic doesn’t work: CoolMiniOrNot - Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard by ravenswood


Hi Rothen and welcome to the forum!!!

The Chaos Dwarf you posted belongs to Ravenswood (a member), follow this link to access his blog. He is pretty active so I’m sure he will answer any question you might have!

Also, check out the army blog and showcase sections, there’s a lot of valid material to dig out in there!


Per skink, just go through all the army blogs and showcase sections.  Heaps of images and when you see something you like, more often than not, they’ve given how they achieved it somewhere in the thread.

I took a long time figuring out what I wanted to do and so much of what I took the time to read here helped heaps

edit … knowing where you want to go with bases can really help you decide too.


Hey and welcome!

As said above, use this forum. There is a lot of great armies here!!

I also struggled to find my scheme, but I used this forum, Youtube, Ebay and Google. Some I tried to copy, and some i mixed a bit. Its turning out quite alright, I think… :slight_smile: