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Hi, im currently in a discussion with someone about buying all the dwarfs/chaos dwarfs in this picture:

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Could someone please help me identify and value the lot as i have absolutly no clue.

Thanks in advance :cheers


Mostly GW and mostly 3rd edition, there’s a few I don’t recognise or at least the angle is such that I can’t figure it out. How specific do you want to be? Check out the catalogue in the wiki for the CD models.


I can see:

Top row from left to right

Spikes Harveywotan

Zelazad Hornhead

Stunty Sven

Finethorn Deathscream (possibly)

Gunner 2

Loader 2

Khardang Bloodsucker

(sadly can’t identify the last one :frowning: )

The rest isnt chaos dwarfs so I cannot say for sure who they are etc but they look third ed.-ish to me!

Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:


Id say that the last one is Lufin Bristlebeard (hammer 2)


Heres what I got according to my 1991 catalog.

From left to right

First row:
(Chaos Dwarfs)
Sword 1
Sword 4
Crossbow 2
Mace 6
Gunner 2
Loader 2
Mace 5
Hammer 2

Second row:
(Can’t identify the legs and arms)
(the two torsos are of chaos knights) Body 1 & Body 6
(Warriors of Chaos)
Halberd 2
Flail 1
Sword 6 (It’s a bit too bright to be sure)
Axe 11

Third row:
Unknown chaos warrior
(Chaos Warrior) Mace 6
(Champion of Khorne) Face of a juggernaut, axe and tail
(next are two 6th edition blood letters)
(Dark Elf) Mace

Forth row:
(Dark Elf) Cross Bow 3
(Heroic Fighter) Harald(Harry) the Hammer
The rest are unknown to me.

Sorry they do not have specific names.