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Well… ehm this is embarrassing. I make a lot of scratch build GS parts, and make casts of them. However, I have a lot of different bottles for different media. (ie latex for sculpture moulds).

I guess you can see where this is going…

I was making my own sprue of lovingly crafted custom bits for my CDs and had just got to putting on the rubber when I realised I’d poured latex rubber on top of it instead of silicon (oh noes)


Can someone let me know if I should remove the objects now, or wait till it dries (will it?) and then scratch them out?




I would imagine its probably easier to let the rubber cure and pull it all off. Trying to clean up the rubber mix now will probably need a solvent which might damage the parts. Not sure if your mold release will help with latex rubber, though. Not sure of the chemistry behind it.


I personaly would keep the latex mold in a warm place and then afterthe latex has cured I would then try and remove the parts.


Thanks guys. I tbink I’ll follow the formula of layers = 2mm and I have about 10cm of it, so should take about a day to dry… if I’m lucky. Will try to excavate them once this is done. Will post results :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(i’ve worked with about 50ltrs of latex over the years, put it somewhere warm (30ish deg max) that is also dry.

OOORR, you can wash it out now, but it has to be done pretty quick or it starts to set.


Thanks Nitro :slight_smile:

Do you reckon if I let it set I could still use it as a functioning mould? I’m used to using silicon and only did this on accident and have never used latex w/o fiberglass or plaster


Latex tends to contact when it sets, what the mould made out of? GS?


The actual custom mould pieces are a mix of carved resin (chunky dwarfs) and GS


Yeah was it out, it should cope with warm soapy water - that is latex’s Cryptonite!


Cheers dude :slight_smile: Will excavate them out in the morning and try to salvage them. Would be a pity to lose all the work I put into them.


Agreed, I once accidentaly used Polymorph on a GS sculpt to ‘try’ and see if it would work as a casting mold.

WHY i didn’t try it on anything else before I don’t know.

n/b it sets like super glue on top of gs (did it before using anything to act as a release agent. I was a pleb that day. I have learned since! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Damn, hope that doesn’t happen for mine. I don’t use any proper separator between the silicone mould and the resin, I find that olive oil works just as well, if not better :slight_smile:

Update on the disaster: The latex is slowly hardening, so will try in the morning (4 or so hours)


fingers crossed

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Oooohhh… cliffhanger…

Will stay tuned for the next episode…


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Update: still not dry :frowning:

Will attempt a rescue tonight


Aaaand they’re out and for the most part, intact. Will just have to re-pin some bits (pin in diff weapons before casting to save master models) and we’re all good


On a sidenote, does anyone know how long silicone should take to solidify? Mines been there for 8 hours and isn’t even slightly hardened. Any ideas how to speed it up?