[Archive] Help me converting a Blood Bowl Boar Centaur


I’ve succeed in finding 11 2nd ed Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarfs.

For those who might not be familiar with what im talking about - it’s these little beauties :D:

2 of them will be converted and used as BCs on my team.

Problem is, that these figs are rather small, so a 4th ed Chaos Dwarf Bull body is out of the question.

Thought of making them into Boar Centaurs then. But, also the plastik Orc boar is way to big for this purpose, so I need something smaller.

The 3rd ed Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur body is perfect - but I really don’t belive that I will be able to find 2 such body parts :frowning:

Anyone with a good idea where to find a suitable Boar/hairy pig for this convertion? Or another small cool looking four-footed animal?

Cheers :cheers


while the original chaos dwarf boar centaur may be difficult to come by, you can also search the warhammer listings for orc boar riders, the boars are smaller and metal.

Congrats on finding the six… you say you have 11… if you have some repeats you could be convinced to let go of i have an orignal chaos dwarf boar centaur i wouldnt mind trading to you. I have 3 of the six so far. Okay i have two such chaos dwarf boar centaurs… i could be persuaded to let both go to your stables…

there are bound to be some other options… but those are the first that come to mind.


Try an Irregular Miniatures AN25 Wild Boar. Can’t vouch for its looks, but it is 25mm scale, and it’s all of a pound sterling (plus shipping) for it, so…

25mm Animals


You can also use the Bullcentaurs from Impact Miniatures!

The size is ok (at least for 3rd edition guys)!



This guy used the new chaos hounds to make centigors. Not the same thing, but it could work. :slight_smile:


I’m glad they settled on the tusks… Those guys could open cans with teeth like that. :D  I would be tempted to paint that all as metal like a gruesome mask.

Kera foehunter:

your so lucky !!clam i like those very much i be afraid to convert then !!


your so lucky !!clam  i like those very much i be afraid  to convert then !!

Kera foehunter
Agree, think twice...:o


They are very characterful no doubt and entirely keeping with the theme of your army. Plus they are hard to find, again in keeping with your army. (still need to plan my trip to “liberate” them…)

I ran into sort of the same issue with mine as the bodies were small so I opted for chaos warrior bodies which I’m not entirely happy with.

One thing to consider is to perhaps make a mold of one or two and experiment on that before cutting these up…


Thx, for all your advice and ‘yes’, these models are awesome, small but … awesome.

As said I’ve got 11 so have 2 of most of them, so I’m not that worried about cutting off the legs of a few of them.

The only one that has been a bit hard to get was the ‘Chaos Dwarf player number 6’ - and had to pay a fair sum of money to get hold of that one - but that will be nothing compared to what I’ll have to pay if the famous lost Chaos Dwarf Player number 7 should show up somewhere :wink:

But, I’ve come to think twice about this conversion - not entirely because of your advice or because  I don’t dare doing the surgery - but mainly because I came across these:

(Source: The Blood Bowl Old Skool Picture Archive, painted by Oliver Booms)

They are made from a regular BC body, 2 converted CD players and then a 3rd ed Boar Centaur torso :o

And as I already have 2 unused 3rd ed Boar Centaur torsos - I might actually do Bulls instead. That’ll give me 8 unik looking CDs - and I’ll then have to live with, that a thrower and a catcher are counting as blockers (I guess).

But I haven’t completly given up the idea of making Boars :smiley: Anyone who knows what this guy used for his? :


A bit static - but small :wink:


If I go for the boar I would most certainly like to get my hand on you spare Boar . Is it a complet one (torso and body) or just the body. If it comes with the torso - which one is it?


Sadly there isn’t any pictures of those Wild Boars on that site. Would have loved to see them. Anyone here at CDO who have used them?


That guy did some cool conversions, but I think those bodies are a bit on the large size for these - but thanks!


Wouldn’t call it luck - I’ll soon have to eat white metal and lead for dinner :wink:


Impact! are awesome. I love them - and will most certainly purchase a hole set of them as well - but I’ll never consider mixing them up. Don’t think that the steam punk look and the 3rd ed feral look would work that well together - but thx anyway. And I think I’ll have to keep these within the GW range.

@Willmark - the liberator :wink:

Yeah, a cast might very well be a good idea - thanks for reminding me :smiley:


Another ‘problem’: Hobgoblins - any cool ideas what to use? - has to be in line with the 2rd ed stuff - so should I go looking for som old Orcs? Or should I take a more chaotic approch? any ideas within the GW fantasy/GW Blood Bowl range?


hobbgobbos? just scrap up a few fat and tall greenskins+rugby helmets


Impact! are awesome. I love them - and will most certainly purchase a hole set of them as well - but I'll never consider mixing them up. Don't think that the steam punk look and the 3rd ed feral look would work that well together - but thx anyway. And I think I'll have to keep these within the GW range.

You will see (at the end of june ;)) it works and the combination looks (IMO) awesome :cheers



@ Clam: You pulled it of brilliant, IMO they still look true to the old ones! :slight_smile:

Agree on the Impact! models, they are great! I own a full team of Deadlings, so cute…

Kera foehunter:

wow !!you get to eat white bread !!! you are so lucky

btw they look great and you did a great job clam