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I’ve just got Drazhoath on his taurus and wanted to magnetise the rider (so he can come off, but is secure when he’s on) and the wings (so they can be taken off for transport) but I’ve absolutely no idea on how to do it, where to get magnets from, where the magnets go (do I need to cut a hole for them?). etc.

Anyone got any advice on how to do this?

Thanks in advance.


Ebay dude type in hobby magnets there’s a load of eBay shops that sell them


you will need to put magnets in both sides of any join, e.g. one in the saddle and a matching one in the bottom of the dwarf rider. for the wings you will probably need at least 2 in each wing.

you do have to drill out where the magnets will go, make sure you get drill bit the same size as the diameter of the magnets.

the magnets can be glued in with ordinary super glue.

Make sure when fitting the magnets that you get the magnetic poles the correct way round when fitting them, as otherwise they repel.

good luck,

it’s not actually difficult, just be methodical




Ebay dude type in hobby magnets there's a load of eBay shops that sell them

or "rare earth" magnets, they come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs and they are really strong...you can also find them at your local hobby shop or DIY store..



That’s what I’m on about

Grimbold Blackhammer:

As a big fan of maganitzing stuff, here’s my advice; don’t sink your magnets too deep. You want your magnets to be flush with the outside of the model or even sticking out a tiny bit. The distance can make a significant difference on how much magnetic hold you get. Over all magnatizing stuff is very easy and very easy to un-do if you do something silly like reverse a magnet (which I seem to do constantly…)

Grimbold Blackhammer


Thanks for the advice chaps, i’ll let you know how it goes!


You’ll need to find the magnets on your own. They’re easy to find though. Just make sure they are ‘rare earth’ magnets.

here’s the link to my blog where I show some pics of magnetizing the rider, chair and taurus.


P.S. Be caseful as you drill your pilot holes and excavating the space for the magnets. You’ll need to go dangerously close to the surface detail in the seat and backing of the throne to get a magnet to fit in there, and you’ll need to be pretty close to the surface of the Taurus’ back as well. Maybe within 1-2mm. If you really mess up, then just cover over any openings with green stuff.

Da Crusha:

you can also use long magnets with the polarity on the ends so you have a pinning effect as well as magnetic bond.

  Over all magnatizing stuff is very easy and very easy to un-do if you do something silly like reverse a magnet (which I seem to do constantly…)

Grimbold Blackhammer
can you get the magnet out of plastic after gluing? I cant get them out without wrecking the model.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’ve never had a problem doing it. Generally what I’m magnatizing is a covered area so if I have to pry a magnet out, it isn’t a big deal to cover up with liquid greenstuff. I think my Dark Elf Black Dragon actually has a magnet or two stuck inside of him…I couldn’t get the magnet out so I just pushed it into the hollow body and put another in it’s place.

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