[Archive] Help Selling Big Hats


I have roughly 2000 points of Big Hat Chaos Dwarfs (tons of infantry, war machines, characters, bull centaurs) and am thinking that eBay would be the best place to unload them. I was wondering if it would be best to sell them as a huge lot or separate it into say lots of 10 infantry and individual war machines? Any advice? Oh I also have a tenderizer (missing one wheel) that I am selling.

Pyro Stick:

I say sell them in different lots by unit, unless you have a price in mind you would like for the entire collection and just start an auction at that price and see if you get any bids.


I agree with pyro, just sell the ini different lots. I notice it with my own buying habbits, I pay more for single/small group of models then for a large amount in one go.


Sell them in smaller lots. It can be more work on your end, but you will get more $ per model that way.

Large armies are sometimes difficult to sell, as the buyer usually needs to find big $, as well as there are not many buyers who want a whole army. There are definately more buyers who need to complete an army as well as having smaller amounts of eBay money.

Would you consider selling them through this forum? You avoid some ebay fees that way.

Groznit Goregut:

You should post here, too, though, to avoid all that ebay stuff. So…how much are you selling things for :slight_smile:

I am looking for sorcerers and maybe bull centaurs.


Post here people are always looking for big hats.


Smallish unit lots tend to work best, so 10-25 for infantry, 5-10 cavalry, monster units of around 3, everything else single.


In Australia there is a web site called Wargammer AU. Account Suspended

It has a pretty good sales forum. That being said, if you are looking for a buyer interested in chaos dwarfs, this forum is probably the way to go. At least then your army won’t be bought up cheaply by certain merchants and sold piece meal for a stupidly inflated price. There is no shortage of chaos dwarf models on ebay that aren’t moving simply because of this.

Good luck. I hope you offer international bidding!


I should post a new thread with what I have for sale as well as pictures in a couple days. Thanks for the advice!