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hi, i’m new, i play warhammer since 6 years but i’m just started with chaos dwarfs…

now my questions, i don’t have any ideas to convert my hobgobbos, war machines and blunderbusses, it’ difficult.

I already made some warriors and they are pretty good, i will post fotos of them later…

maybe you guys can give me some converting/moddeling tips/instructions

grtz, Lord Varut


Have you read the threads in the conversion section? They cover all of these topics and more. :slight_smile:


no i diddn’t, but i will do it now, thanks :slight_smile:


Hashut’s Blessing:

Hello and good luck with the future conversions, start posting those pics ASAP!


This thread is particularly good:


Father Grumpmas:

A simple suggestion for hobgoblins is to use the previous version of the plastic Night Goblins, with hand weapons added and chaos marauder shields. They are a bit bigger than the current plastic Night Gobbos and so look okay.

If you are wanting to do shield units of hobgoblins (no extra equipment) then the cheapest option is the gnoblar box (24 figures) or even cheaper is a pack of snotlings, with the figures based seperately on 20mm bases (I have used these for Gnoblars in my OK army). They are small but quite characterful.

Plastic goblin wolfriders with night gobbo heads are a basic hobbo wolfrider conversion.