[Archive] Help: Warhammer Arcane Ruins!?


Hi there mates.

- Well, I wanna make some terrain for Vasquez & I - 500pts. battle, I was thinking of using the Warhammer Arcane Ruins… But I have some problems. I would like to know how big the squares under the pillars are. If they are 20 mm, 25 mm or ??? (the complete messures) I’ve drawn a circle around them on this picture, to explain which sqaures it is:

Also I’d like to know what it is people usually use to create big logos/runes with? It’s some material that allow you to carve out whatever you like… Since I’m planning to carve out a Hashut-mark :slight_smile:

I hope someone will help me, so I can get on with this project :cheers

Viskar Zhragoth:


I am sorry, but I don;t know the sizes under the arcane ruins obelisks (and I’m at work so I don;t have any here), put you can use plasticard to make the runes, the type I use is either plastruct or evergreen, and you can get it at most hobby shops (or you can get lucky and find it being thrown out by you work [which is where I get my movement trays ;-)].)

but you trace your rune, cut it out with and exacto (or scissors if it is thin enough), and add some details (like chips to edges or other wearing.)

Alternatively, use cardboard or cereal box card.

You can also use spackling or filler (for walls) and coat it for a more stone like appearance.

I was looking for the gw guide on plasticard, but the link is broken now that they have the new website…

So try this one, in the first image, you can see what I mean by plasticard runes…

Hope that helps…also make sure to look at the ziggurat building bit on gw’s site…

Probably not exactly what you are builbing but may give you more ideas…


Viskar Zhragoth


Okay thanks for the help mate :slight_smile: I’ll be looking for it at my local hobbyshop :cheers: