[Archive] help with idea for gyrocopter


I am using the dwarf codex to base my chaos dwarf army on. What would make a good replacement for the gyrocopter? I was thinking of a zeppelin affair, but is that chaos dwarfy enough- any ideas would be greatly welcomed???

I jst saw the trailer for golden compass and saw this could it be used? replace the icon with the rune of hashut???

Kera foehunter:

Well zepplin would be cool . here a gyro i always wanted to try to make a little pimping it could be chaos


that would look so sweet man u have to do it

caos dwrf:

dude i like the hover copter cool idea i must try

… now if only i had the $$$…

hmmmm any ways ya i like the blimp idea


2nd best gyrocopter ive everseen