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:hat off hola,

here my first painted hero!


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Cool. I really like the armor.


Nice figure, I like the weapon! Is that a free sculpt you did? the base really adds dimension to it! great job!


Looks cool!

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Da Crusha:

really cool looking model, did you sculpt it?


Great looking model D.O.O.M he looks ace :slight_smile: what did you make the weapon out of ?


The weapon looks kinda farmiliar, don’t where I have seen a weapon like that.


Nice job :slight_smile: I’m guessing its a scratch build? I like the eastern influence on his helmet particularly.

Hashut’s Blessing:

The weapon looks like it was made by crossing a night goblin spear with a night goblin champion’s sword or something. Either way, VERY cool glaive. Will it count as a GW?

Very sweet model and a nice scheme. You could add your name to that pic on the right and use it as your avatar :wink:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Like the choice of colours and the whole appearance of the miniature. Very dark and brooding. Way to go! :hat off


As expected! Ace! :hat off

Real cool model! Go on … I want too see more great stuff! :wink:

What about a “twin” … would make awesome temple guards!



:cheers:cheers thx mucho :hat off:hat off

@Zanko, next on the cz to do list: bullzentauer, death rockit, warrior unit temple guard (pirates must wait)

@Hashut’s Blessing , very nice idea (as avatar)

@ Loki , weapon is complete plasticcard

@Hashut’s Blessing,Baggronor, Da Crusha,dncswlf, the body is a last , form is destruction, selfmade cast from a warrior09, i finde to big for warrior , helm, shield design, hand & coat is gs, weapon plasticcard.



Great mini…like the samurai look

and the base is awesome looking

Kera foehunter:

I love the paint job on the base !! and a great paint job on the hero to


Great model mate! I love the Eastern influences on the helmet, as well as the red paint job. If any critiscm could be given, I would say perhaps add a bit more battle damadge to the weapon-but anyway, Hats off to you!


really cool!

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agree whole heartedly, the eastern influences work great.


really nice mini (with really nice armor) you got there.

what’s his name? D.O.O.M.’.S.A.P.P.R.E.N.T.I.C.E?