[Archive] HeroQuest and DungeonQuest 1987, Classic Metal Chaos Champs, 2nd Edition Magic Core


Hi together.

I want to sell some of my oldscool Tabletop games i found again back some days.

First there’s a original HeroQuest from 1989. It’s the first german Version.

The game is complete except for one “open door”. All the figures are unpainted and linke brand new, the cards are mint and without any damage.

The only one thing is one of the altars candles is broken but can be found as bits.

The original packing is still in a good condition.

Also i want to sell an original GW DungeonQuest from 1987 in english, including the two expansions Heroes and Catacombs. The first one and not one of the remakes over the years.

All three boxes are complete. All the tin and plastic miniatures are undamaged und unpainted, the cards and sheets are mint.

Only the Boxes are bearing traces of their age.

I’m looking forward for your offers.

Want to sell some old metal OOP Chaos Champs.

2 classic Slaanesh Champs

Classic Tzeentch champ with 3 heads painted very well

3 classic Khorne champs very well painted

And a WHFB magic core set from the second europan Edition.

The Box i complete including all spells, cards , pattern, some still on the spure.

Original packaging is in good condition too.


Beautiful stuff. One day I’ll buy up an old HeroQuest game… one day.


new stuff

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