[Archive] Hey,


Hey guys… I wanted to see if I could get some help with making a web page. O.o I know a guy that has a website called project40k.com that failed on the idea. And he told me I could do anything I want with it as soon as I help start to pay for a sever hosting from the web… So I don’t really know much in the coding department… Think who ever made the template be able to help me create my idea for project40k.com? (It’s a nexus web hub to all other warhammer\40k websites and new holder.) kind of like a nbc.com or something like that for I will have it where people can post there own stuff and blog. :cheers

Biggest thing is I want to get ya guys along with bf40k.com, warseer and bolter and chainsword linked up onto the my future site plans. :idea

Again this is just a request (noobish one) but still. :idea


P.S. Xander I saw your conversion for the death strike missile I believe it is called… It was great!