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Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Hello their corrupt chaos dwarfs. You have a new member joining your ranks. A couple of you from Bugman’s Brewery may recongnize me. Well I’m now trying to build a chaos dwarf army to go along with my beloved dwarf army.

But first I have a couple questions.

1. Are the chaos dwarf big hats easy to sculp out of greenstuff? :hat

2. Are chaos dwarf masks easy to sculpt? :mask

3. Can bull centaurs be the army general? :hashut


Hi :hat off

1) it depends on skill of sculpter

2) it easy, Xander made an tutorial how to make gs moulds (based on marauder shoulder pad)

3) yep - bc hero or bc lord


re: Big Hats out of GS

They are quite easy. Look for some push pins - they are a great way to get a good hat shape going. The only real difficulty is getting the hat decorated with arrows, triangles, skulls, rims and what have you.

Just in case you are from somewhere where the term “push pins” doesn’t mean anything:


Just cut off the pin, glue hat to flat head of dwarf, and slap some putty on it.


Welcome to the site and have a slave for your endeavors.


Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Thanks, I got plenty of thumb tacks lying around, so I can get started pretty quickly.

Kera foehunter:

I don’t do big hats but the rest is fun to do welcome to the site Thame godri


Hello and welcome Thane Godri I am sure you will enjoy this forum!

I am fairly new myself and still finding my way around here, through the threads there are many cool things like this pin trick that GRNDL has just shared!

That is awesome I must look at those things every other day at work on the notice board and its just not clicked!

Thanks heaps for the tip mate I might try my hand at converting a couple of spare dwarfs I got laying about.

The arrows could possibly be cut out of card and pushed into the green stuff and pulled out to make an indent for an inverted decoration for something different, maybe evan try the same for skulls?? hmmm


sweet push pin idea! but why remove the pin? why not leave it in… 'cause don’t you normally pin stuff anyways? o.O

thumbtacks could be shields too! because I’m sure shields are sooooo hard to come by. lol. I will never overlook office supplies again.


Thearrows are easily cut out of plasticard or some greenstuff then stuck on