[Archive] High Elf Swordmasters.... WOW!


Just skimmed through the new High Elf list at my local store and wow, I’m floored. Swordmasters might be the best infantry unit in the game: WS6, A2, always strike first regardless of initiative or charge considerations.

Other highlights:

Phoenix Guard: Still cause fear (booh), But now have a 4+Ward Save!

White Liobns: Stubborn

Multi Level Dragons: Sun, Moon and Star (corresponds to age categories)

Honors are gone

High Elves can now take more Special choices and only have to take 2 Core.

Spearelves can charge and second rank can strike

To summarize:

Swordmasters just got ratcheted up several notches IMHO.

Pyro Stick:

The dragons sound like they have gotten a bit cooler. My cousin will be pleased with all this news. Im obviously going to forget to tell him


Dont remember the actual points valued for them. However the november WD has a lvl2 mage + dragon 410 points. Nkt bad for points IMHO.

Glad I still play HEs too. :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

Of the new high elves im only getting a dragon to put a mage on and the chariot with the bearded lions. Im never going to play high elves but they are cool models. There are plenty of people i can rent them to lol


yeah, all of these are old news.

chariots are still smashy against swordsmasters, as are blunderbusses. lore of metal is fun vs them too-

great weapons you say, what great weapons…muahahahaha

and the ring of corin is one use only now. thank jebus.

Pyro Stick:

Jebus is an awesome word. I use it all the time.

I once defeated a High Elf Lord with my Chaos Dwarf Warrior Champion. It was fairly epic for me.


yeah, all of these are old news

Well aware of that I was merely highlighting the salient points for the sake of discussion. No one is saying they cant be beat, rather they just got a whole lot tougher.


Are there two different chariots? The official GW pic shows the chariot being pulled by horses, not lions like in the leaked pic from ages ago.


Yep the kit has the parts for either then its an upgrade to make it into a caldorian one.


Those swordmasters are a bit wicked ,just have to avoid .I really dont like ASF to broken .My cousin is thinking of high elves so im going to get him a lion chariot just so i can paint it for him:D


I’m not a big fan of the high elf revisions. In friendly play they’re fine (albeit tough) because you can at least craft your army to suit; but in tournament play they are going to be over the top IMO.


Don’t get me wrong I think the ASF rule isn’t a good thing. They did fix most of the major issues with the list though as it was severally broken in 6th.


I am also going to buy some of the models just because they look good like the dragon and Korhil Captain of the white lions.


I chuckled when the dragon wad released. I have two of the dragonmaster models that where originally for 3rd edition. All metal too boot. Much easier to convert the new one methinks.

I’m very happy that people will now be worrying about my swordmadters now though.


Speed of Asuryan and the removal of Intrigue at court seem to be the biggies.

It’s about time the Elves were turned into something like the mighty elder race that they’re supposed to be.

Dark Haven:

I like all the updates they got as I felt He were a little underpowered. But, I still think ASF was not the answer. Oh well, I’m not going to moan about it because there are already 150+ page threads on other forums doing that.

Besides, elves are still T3 with crappy armor.

My blunderbusses are going to have a lot of fun…

Kera foehunter:

i have to get one of those lion chairots. the dragons are cool too


Ugh. More White Kitten choices… I’m using them in my slave battalions, with the axe head cut off and replaced by a pickaxe head. Dishonorable weaponry FTW.


Why is it that they only need to take 2 core choices? This firmly invites cheesy players :confused:

- Tallhat


They have non-standard core/special/rare slot quantites.

I guess the precedent was set with Bretonnians getting an extra hero slot.