[Archive] high elves and bull centaurs!


ive been thinking about bull centaurs quite a bit and how to convert them with out spending lots on the bc torsos from gw, i was looking on one of the other topics about using the new he chariot lions as a taurus base but would they be too big for bull centaurs??? as they are a little bit bigger than the he horses

cant find a link to it on warseer due to the site being a bit wierd


Don’t think this will work at all IMHO. If anything the new HE lions for teh chariots will work great for Lammasu.


I think you could make it work, they are superb models!


have to see exacualy how big they are really, whether they are 2 big for centaurs or to small for taurus, what about them as a lamasu base??


All we had was the glimpse of a picture. hard to judge scale from it


the me be in a 2 up or 3 up scale where this is actually larger then the production model. Best news is that High Elves are out in November so not that far off.


oh man them lions look so cool. Can we fit them in to CDs? I doubt it but here’s hoping!


Even if they are too big for a dwarf torso, as long as they fit on a cavalry base, couldn’t you use something bigger on them, say an ogre torso?��I have seen good looking dwarf/boar and blork/centigor BC conversions, and they are quite different in size, who is to say we can’t go larger yet?


Again these will most likely lend themselves to easily being converted to lammasu, BCs are not going to work with these IMHO.


looking at them again they do look a little big for centaurs but as a lamasu they look as if they could work well, a lot of the beard is already there :slight_smile:


No one ever reads post #2 :roll: :slight_smile:


Are we even sure it’s going to be released?


Definatly, its in the september WD, along with a painted pic of that cool new dragon


i cant imagine them being a lot bigger than horses, so i cant see why with a bit of converting they cant become bulls. of course felines and bovines are a completely different shape but you never know. I can imagine hobgobbo heroes riding around on these beautys.