[Archive] High Elves in general (and White Lion horde especially)


Hi guys,

So I’m playing a no comp 2400 against a High Elf mate who has no compunctions about taking tooled hard lists.

Going through their army book, I’m now realising what an uphill battle it will be. This book is amazing! At least 8 of their umpteen magic items are good, and 4 are must haves! Hate to be a whiner, but I was just very surprised by the amazing versatility and synergies offered throughout the army book.

2+ wards against a lot of my stuff all over the place, Book of Hoeth for magic dominance, 2+AS fast core troops. A very versatile native Lore, and access to two other Lores that really put the hurt on the Dawi Zarr. A Destroyer will be pretty easily held up or diverted by something much cheaper I imagine.

Scariest of all for me is the potential for a White Lion character bunker horde (undoubtedly with the Banner of the World Dragon). Most of my artillery will be almost completely ineffective. Magma cannons might deliver some hurt, but he will deploy wide. I feel like I have no counter for this unit. Even with Ash Storm (IF I get it), they would get a 2+WS against the dangerous terrain tests caused by the spell, right?

So yeah, sorry for whining so much, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don’t have any Iron Daemons, but can field most other stuff.

Thanks heaps.


High Elves are great. But they break real easy. Check out my Battle Reports I’ve played a lot of different high elf lists. There’s a table of contents in the first post.

MadHatter has played a lot against High Elves as well.

There’s a 95,5% chance of getting Ash Storm on a lvl 4 prophet, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Dark Subjugation should be cast on the enemy general as units are forced to use his leadership. Hellcannons are hard to kill and with their strength 5 attack the will cause some damage even on white lions with banner of the world dragon. You are going for the forced LD-tests taken with a -1 and enhanced by Dark Subjugation. Combined with Ash Storm you should be able to hold the bunker in place and earn point by killing his other stuff.

Curse of Hashut is great against elves, I’ve killed a lot of characters with that spell because they are only toughness 3.

Bring the Chalice - it’s better than the book of hoeth.


Thanks heaps mate. I’ll check out your barrels for sure.

He gets a 2+WS against both Ashstorm (wounds caused by spell) and the Hellcannon’s shots (magical attacks) though, right? This would seem to me to neuter both options.

Re the Chalice: my gaming group doesn’t care a whit about what Forgeworld has said via email about its usage (mid-phase interrupt). They consider that to be a fundamental break in the game’s mechanics and there’s no way I can play it like that. Having said that, do you still think it’s worth it? I’ve never been quite able to understand why it’s so great to be able to tax both PD pools (and potentially to my significant detriment) even if I can choose when…

Again, thanks.


The destroyer can be stopped by a hero with fire ward but is a good matchup against white lions as he has no magic attacks.

Hellcannon and doom rockets are great against lonesome flyers.chalice of course.

Iron demon would be great.

Perhaps bull centaurs with crown of command


barrels = batreps haha…


High elves who know they play us are difficult to handle. Normally its better to agree on universal lists.


So, if the high elf player wants to get into combat with his big dumb horde we got several answers.

Firstly this is considerig you are running lore of death and got soul blight (need likely a level 4 and level 1 of death)

Rockets, they are only str3, but they hit so many Whitelions you will get some wounds through.

Chaff, we have 2 khans and a hobgoblin block we can hold them up for a bit and shoot them more.

kdaii destroyer will wreck them.

infernal guard horde (40+) with shields and razor standard if the Whitelions block is 30 strong our infernals can fight them in a straight fight, and grind them down, or hold them to flank with something else. Works also against calv busses.

For magix, bring the chalice, and just know what to dispel and what to let through.