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So I was playing against my friends O&G army on yesterday. 1500 pts. I wanted to tell you guys this cause it was the single most hilarious thing I have ever seen happen. Its turn 3, in the previous 2 magic phases, he foot of morked my bolt throwers, killing 2 crew from one and destroying the machine in the other turn. Pretty good. Now he decided to foot of mork my centaurs. The first gobbo rolls a miscast, and blows up. The second goblin gets the exact same dice rolls, and took 5 wounds from the back lash, and splattered. The 3rd goblin was so frightened at what was happening, he tries to cast mork wants ya and rolled a 1,2 and 4 to cast. Almost all of his sorcerors died in one turn! It was so funny I figured you guys might get a laugh out of it too. Hashut layed the smack down on Mork. For the next 4 turns, he was only able to cast one sucessful spell, and it was foot of mork on one of my units of 24 Orc boyz (oh no he killed 4). Also, on turn his turn 6(I went last), in their second turn of combat, my second unit of Orc Boyz broke and over ran his unit of Black Orcs, with a Black Orc big boss and full command. He lost combat because I outnumbered him by one 3 models, (20 vs 17) and rolled an 8 for panic :slight_smile:


I’ve got lots of histories like this.

Karl Franz with Ghal Maraz and his pet dragon charged into my horror unit with bsb. Challenge with horror champion, KFC delivered just one wound, was broken, and fled into the woods, killing himself.

Earthshaker: misfire on turn 1 (can’t shoot this turn or another), misfire on turn 3 (can’t shoot). Then, charged by about 15 orc boyz with 2 choppas. They stood defiantly until the end of the game, not losing a single crewmember, and then, in the last combat phase, they broke the orcs :slight_smile:


hmmm, well the top has to be a unit of dark elf black guard standing 5 turns against chosen warriros without loosing a single elf

2nd is my nice pointy new chaos dwaf hero playing a ‘contest of champions’. a type of scenario with only heros on both sides and standing 6 turns chasing an elf mage getting pelted by 4 level 2’s a turn

The Slaver:

Single greatest game experience: on the last turn of a game i had clearly lost, charged a full unit of dark elf crossbow men, dark riders(nearby), a 2nd dark riders (nearby and a reapeter bolt thrower (nearby)… with a single naked troll slayer. I had lost so i figured might as well make a heoric last charge. All but three of my enemies shots hit, and about 80 percent of those wounded. Can you say pincushion?


I got one. A while back I played against a beast of chaos with my Empire. The funniest part was when my unit of 20 Swordsmen got flanked by a unit of 4 Minotaurs and when they dished out all their attacks… they only killed one swordsmen. Then I delt 2 wounds for my attack backs, out numbered, and had a banner wich made me win combat. Then when he took his break teast he failed and ran away, unfortunatly I didn’t catch him but it was still funny.


Hehe, its always funny when hero units fail horribly. Go dwarf cannon crews-stubborn on leadership nine is amazing. The crew of my friends 3 dwarf bolt throwers held up against 30 empire fanatics for four turns until help arrived lol


Oh i have a few…

After his unit being wiped out, my CD thane bushwacked a unit of longbeards, killing 10 altogether in 3 rounds of combat, with no wounds in return, survived 2 boltthrower shots, and singlehandedly chased down a unit of warriors, only to be killed by a direct cannon shot!

A unit of 6 skinks suviving a round of combat against a bloodthirster and standing their ground

3 kroxigor killing same bloodthirster!


i remember once my dwarf dragon slayer managed to make it across to the other side of the enemy battlefield, survived being hit 3 times by a fanatic, which killed the guys own troll :stuck_out_tongue: then the slayer survived being hit by a bolt-thrower, killed it, and then moved into a position where a very large enemy unit containing general fled into him and died!

The Flying Beaver:

I was playing against High Elves, about a week before 7th edition came out. Remember that this was when characters could lurk near other units and not be seen. It was 1000 points, and he decided to take only one character, a mage. He had him lurking between two units of ten archers on a hill. Overall the game was pretty even, and on my last turn, it looked like the game would be a draw. So I realized that there wasn’t much to lose, and had my sorceror target the archer units with fireball/fiery blast spells. I got really lucky, and brought both units to below 5 models. I then had my death rocket aim at the mage in the shooting phase, because I now could see him. I guessed perfectly, rolled a direct hit, and did 6 wounds. Two-hundred points for the mage, 100 more because he’s Pure of Heart, 100 more because he`s the general. Draw becomes a solid victory in one shot. :smiley:


nice one mr beaver! its always nice to hear of us defeating elves :slight_smile:

The Flying Beaver:

Here’s another good one. I’m playing a 2k game against O&G, an army with Grom The Paunch. After a successful pit of shades spell on Grom in my first turn, my opponent’s a little annoyed. However, he somewhat evens the scales with a lucky spear chukka shot, destroying my earthshaker on his first turn. In the end though, the remaining crewmen won me the game. How? Well, as his army approached, I had the three guys move forward, ahead of my own troops. I positioned them very close and at an angle in front of a night goblin and a troll unit. The trolls went stupid and had to charge the three dwarf crewmen, and the night goblins followed. They were obviously slaughtered, and overran into a hobbo unit. However, this opened his night goblins for a flank charge from my Immortals! I decimated him in combat, and ran both units down. His centre was broken and from there he had no chance. Three chaos dwarf crewmen won me the game.


Oh, I remembered another tale of my crewmen. This time their earthshaker was taken down by a cannon, and a emperial captain on pegasus (which lost two wounds already) charged into nearby bolt thrower. Hobgoblins stood defiantly, resisting for the crewmen to charge to captain! Dwarfs killed the pegasus, and captain fled off the table!

Those crewmen, eh?


crew can never make a charge action :stuck_out_tongue:


Few weeks ago I had 10 hobgoblins fail animosity and charge into some woods against a wood elf army. They were charged next turn by a unit of wardancers and fled getting run down. This left the wardancers just out of the woods and I charged them with 30 hobgoblins with shields and a St7 hobgoblin hero. The wardancers chose to strike first but only killed one hobgob. The wardancers broke and were run down in a run that crashed my hobgobs into 4 treekin. next round I managed to kill a treekin and won combat by a few, ran them down and hit his treeman ancient with annoyance of netlings. My hobgoblin hero declined the challenge and went to the rear, and after two rounds of combat the treeman broke on a stubborn 9 and I ran him down.

90 points of hobgobs + hobgob hero killed 10 wardancers, 4 treekin, and treeman ancient, in his free trees.


There was a day where I owned a Khorne chaos army, I was considering selling it but decided to play one last game, just be be sure. So I show up at the shop, walk in greet everyone and step to the plate to play a Tomb King army.

So after a half hour or so of BSing, we get down to brass tacks. The stage is set, the game goes basically how every other game I had played with the army went… Charge! Well the game stays pretty even, but he manages to gain an advantage. After about 3 turns what was an advantage, has turned into an ass whipping, I’ve done some damage but he’s killed everything but a unit of 9 Chosen Khorne Knights with a Lord. So with three turns left I go for broke and charge the unit into a beefy skeleton unit with a prince. Naturally the slaughter is immense, but he holds. The Knights are then flanked by chariots, another skeleton unit and a unit of swarms up the ass.

I mange to win combat, in fact with the damage I had done earlier I was starting to like my chance going into the bottom of tun five. I had lost some knights, but had decimated the chariots and most of the skeletons, neither of us had all that much left. I had maybe two knights and the lord, he had the prince and a handful of skeletons. Well by turns six the knights are toast, so it’s the lord VS the prince and I dunno 15 skeletons. I kill the Prince, his general on the bottom of turn six, so I’ve pulled it out! I’ve overcame all odds to win! A shocking come from behind victory!


The curse goes off, I FAIL the LD test and the Lord gets blown to shit.

I sold the army the next day.