[Archive] Hitting a new forum high


I notice we’ve had a new highest user/visitor count in the last few days.

Looking at those online now I wouldn’t be surprised to see us hit a new one soon.

Thommy H:

Yeah, I saw that the other day. I think us getting pimped in the Tamurkhan FAQ may have been a factor…


More recruits, more slaves, more power to the ever expanding chaos dwarf empire… It may be time to end our self imposed isolationism and begin our conquest of the warhammer world!


I think there are now a LOT more Chaos Dwarf players. From my local GW’s facebook page (Marysville), I know there are at least two new players in the last month alone.


I say it’s because Kera is back. At least now and then.


Kera foehunter:

Kera Smiles

I have to agree,The new Tamurkhan people ! havn’t got the chance of yet

To meet me


Great to see the numbers go up. The “K” is back theory has merit.

But there’s a Tamurkhan FAQ out. It won’t help me due to the book being disallowed for this years CanCon, maybe after this weekend when its over I’ll get time to find it. There really is a direct correlation between time spent looking at forums and time spent painting. That’s why I haven’t been here much lately, very busy doing lots of very poor paint jobs


New high today! Hashut bless the great K!