[Archive] Hmmm, If only ALL gamer girls were like this!




Kera foehunter:

Willmark you have the knack of finding some off the most off topic stuff. But it so cool and funny .Nerd Girls of course not being one i find them so funny

that made my day willmark!


lol, that was fun. guess a guy can only dream. :smiley:


I’m glad Kera… ah a Nerd’s dream girl. My friends girlfriend refers to the basement where we play as teh “Dork Zone”… :frowning:


my girlfriend watched all 3 lord of the rings without getting bored. dunno if i could get her dressed up as an elf maiden lol.

or are chainmail bikinis in this year? lol


Certainly managed to capture that “lame middle of the night ad”-feeling. funny stuff!


Hmm, sorry, that lightsaber fight ruined it for me :slight_smile:

I think they have just cornered a niche market

caos dwrf:

dude thats so freakin funny "i failed my armor throw Now im vulnerable " gwa hahahahahaha

i just showed my gf and she thought it was funny to

she said that she might dress up as an elf for me one day ;->


Take her up on that they sure don’t do that stuff when married!


Bear in mind though that she WILL tell her friends about it. A couple of my best friends are girls and I got stuck in the middle of a surreal conversation the other day when they were discussing their bf’s fantasies. Didn’t know where to look


Ugh that is about as comfortable as having popcorn shells stuck between your molars… Or sand in in ones shorts; take your pick.



Funny thing is at least eight of  my girlfriends have been roleplayers and LRPG’ers and always played elves or vixens etc

Most of the others have been clubbers so yet again outlandish costumes and fun times lol :hat

Sarah being a live roleplayer likes looking like a boris valleijo?(spelling)picture in platemail corset lol:P



You may be surprised what girls will go in for.  Either that or I seem to attract only altgirls

Kera foehunter:

O BOY it getting deep now!!!


What no chain mail bikinis for you there Kera?

Kera foehunter:

only if you go first willmark and wear a chain mail top too!! * kera fall out of the computer chair laughting.*. now i"ll pay to see that!!!


Chainmail board shorts are perhaps more approriate for a guy. Watch out and its a chain mail thong for you. Now won’t that be comfortable. Of course there is probably a youtube video for that already out there, crazy Internet and all :wink:

Its been my conention thats why Witch Elves at so pissed off! Its very cold in Naggaroth and Brazilian bathing suits have more… Ah… coverage then what they are wearing.


Either that or something in Holland or Germany…



Cornixt- enjoy it now. Essentially you date a bunch of different women all rolled up in the same body. First theirs the girlfriend, then the fiancé, then the wife, then the mother. Same woman and all bear no resemblance to the one that came before.