[Archive] Hobblins chaos dwarfs


Here’s my 1000pts army

first my heros.

then BB’s and earth shacker

as well as warriors and ard hobbos

and naked hobbos with the heros again

and now a wide army shot

Edit:the old coments are from bad pics


Erm… they are just a wee bit blurry…


wow super blurry what did you take that with a cataract? lol only joking.

fix him up i wanna see!!


I’m sorry hobblin, but I don’t really see anything.

Did you take these with your phone camera or something?


No I took them in a really dark room,that explanes alot.
Haha, yeah that happens.
Here are some great articles on miniature photography:
Just scroll down a bit, hope this helps.


turn on the macro setting on your camera-it helps alot


I think so


Im in a bad situation. I upgraded my phone from a sony w800 to a w850 or something like that, and the camera got worse!! the new one although its 2 megapixel it doesnt have a macro mode anymore!! i dont know what to do!


I can safely say these are the worst pictures, taken of miniatures, that I have ever seen! Doesn’t mean the models aren’t cool, just means I can’t see them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah well, I hope the BC is fixable, most minis are, could just require some pinning and greenstuff to fix


Ya I should fix it but The boar M.I.A.


Hey, new pics! Nice. Green Great Taurus? Any chance of a close up on that?

Bronze Medal Awarded


Mabey later taday I’ll do a close up of my favorite modles.


Now becaues Xander wants me to heres my great tarus.

As well as the tarus here comes my favorite soilders.

Well there not the best quallity but they look ok.


Hey! My nightgoblins (aka hobgoblins lately in my army) have brown hoods too! :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

That Wizard looks impressive. Is that a bull head on him?


Yes it is all my charicters and champions have bull heads.