[Archive] Hobbo Rickety Bolt Throwers?


So I am thinking of how I’m gonna build my bolt throwers and I’m undecided between making Bassman style Sprue/Plasticard Spear throwers OR Snotling style Plasticard Harpoon Throwers…

The dilemma is this…

WHY do hobgoblins use rickety old wooden generic bolt throwers?

Why would Chaos Dwarfs allow/want this in their army of effecient top of the line daemon-bound high-tech (for it’s time) war-machinery!?

Why would Chaos Dwarfs be allowing their slaves to build bolt throwers at all?

Why wouldn’t CDs be designing effecient metal daemon-bound bolt throwers with Hobbo slave labour, for the hobbos to use in battle??

Anyone have an idea how I could properly represent a more believable bolt thrower that Chaos Dwarfs would design for the Hobgoblins to use…?

how could I make a boxy harpoon thrower without using plasticard? (since i suck at making square boxes…)


Kera foehunter:

well there not craft men and don’t get good stuff to build with

second i think a harpoon would look better but that me


Why would any race/species that enslaves another, lift a finger to do anything? I see the CD’s as nothing more than bullying lazy oafs that even though they could build something better, would rather sit around and let the hobgoblins do it instead.


Or failing that, it actually IS of chaos dwarf design and the hobbos crewing it are so inept that it acts like a thirty point bolt thrower anyway.

Thommy H:

Why not let them build their own seige weapons? I can’t imagine the materials used to build them (bits of wood, scrap metal) are ones the Chaos Dwarfs could be using elsewhere. If they want to drag some (potentially quite useful) siege weapons of their own into battle, then fair play to them. Chaos Dwarfs allow Hobgoblins to maintain their own culture and customs anyway (witness the Wolf Riders and Sneaky Gitz, as well as the presence of Hobgoblin leaders in Chaos Dwarf armies) so I don’t see why bolt throwers would be a problem.


Thommy has it right.  They still maintain their culture, they are just subjugated a bit.  The hobgoblins aren’t the average in-the-mines slaves.

Have you read WDP:CDs?


Personally I think Chaos Dwarfs would never be lazy, they are still Dwarfs and therefore industrious by nature :slight_smile:

I’m making Bolt Throwers for use in my Dwarf list, I’m toying with a variety of ideas from a simple Dwarf-style metal Bolt Thrower designed as a Bull’s head, so the horns form the bow and the flaming bolt is its tongue, to something like a rocket launcher mounted on a swivelling stand.

If you want a metal-style Bolt Thrower, you could always try to convert the Dwarf one. Just file away the Dwarf detailing.

Although I don’t think CDs would go to the effort of making it, then let a bunch of Hobgobs use it :slight_smile:


I suspect that they’d either make cheap, but effective bolt throwers for the Hobgobs. With the level of industry and slaves working they could get it done. I suspect the Hobgobs wouldn’t slack to badly on stuff going to them.

I personally also see the Hobgobs using looted equipment. In more then one sense. So I’m using Dwarf Bolt Throwers, but giving them a Dawi Zharr paint scheme. Nobody has even blinked at that. It fits both the looting and built for them theories.

I don’t want to get into the debate of daemon bound or not. Quite frankly it’s not something I care a whole lot about.

Why would they want bolt throwers? It’s fairly reliable, probably easy to build, and although perhaps primitive compared to their new creations it is very effective. Similar to why the US Air Force still flies the B-52 or the ground forces use some of the Howitzers they have. They may be old designs, but they get the job done and have all the bugs worked out of the system. They’re understood very well, and can be easily repaired and sent back into action. It’s the same mentality in my eyes.

While Hobgoblins are slaves, they have alienated the other greenskins so much that the Hobgoblins would likely all be killed if the Chaos Dwarfs were overthrown. It is now in the interest of the Hobgoblins to help out. Giving them a simple warmachine like a bolt thrower allows them to add some needed punch on the battlefield, without making them to much of a threat at home. Plus it fits the Hobgob mentality of killing at range.

Why not a daemon bound or otherwise fancy bolt thrower? Well again I’m not getting into the Daemon bound or not thing. However, sometimes cheap, crude, effective makes something good. The fact they can easily mass produce regular crude bolt throwers, they can afford to deploy them in much larger numbers. They can spend more time creating more complex warmachines such as the Earth Shaker or Hellcannon. Sometimes an old reliable design doesn’t really need to be improved, just because you can do better. Either that or it’s a minimal improvement. Giving the Bolt Thrower better Bolts (perhaps extending range or improving accuracy) while not changing the machine would be akin to just sticking a bigger gun on the T-34 like the soviets did in WWII. Minimal design change, and easy/inexpensive to adjust. Plus the ammunition is A LOT cheaper!

It’s got a lot to do with the economics of warm and needs to be seen from a logistical perspective.

Kera foehunter:

yea i think your right i could see the hobgoblin going out on scrapping look for thing to trade or build in the wast lands

Ammrik Gunrock:

There cheap, effective, easily to transport so I have no doubt Hobgoblins roaming the plains could use them and not hinder their preferred form of fighting (long distance and harassment) . Besides, the CD’s have better weaponry anyway and if it makes Hobgoblins more effective on the battlefield let them use them.


A part of the reason why they’re so rickety may simply be that they disassemble them after battle for quick transportation.


It would also be easier to repair.

The M4 Shermans have a horrible reputation as being “Zippos”… always being sure to light up. However take your average farm kid and put him in the thing… he can not only run it… but be able to repair it in a jiffy!

I assume the same would apply here. Rickety and primitive would be within the Hobgobs ability to repair.

Border Reiver:

The proper term was "ronson"

And most of the Soviet tanks are still built to that standard.


The proper term was "ronson"

And most of the Soviet tanks are still built to that standard.

Border Reiver
I'm a yank! We called them Zippos. :P So both terms would apply, depending for which country your father/grandfather fought on. ;)

Yes, the Soviet tanks were. T-34s = Genius.

edited: Sorry, recovering from dentist... said side instead of country... oi


For my army the hobbos bolt throwers are captured dwarf ones!