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Hello All.

This here is my test model for the Golden Hat #3 competition.��Thought that I should start with a rank and file lackey before having a crack at a hero.

Some of the GS work is a little rough on this one, but it should be enough to let you see what I’m up to.��Let me know what you think :slight_smile:








That’s looking quite good! Proves that the Flagellants do indeed make nice Hobgoblins, with a bit of work.


Thanks Xander! One of my favourite things about this is that you can use up all sorts of bits and bobs - The torso was originally sawn off the legs used for my Lammasu rider :slight_smile:




Good stuff, looks a tad tall for a goblin, but your GS work is very good indeed, looking forward to seeing this fellow painted. :cheers


That’s really nice! I love the chin!


- Kyte


Hi guys! Thanks for the kind comments everyone. It’s nice to know that I’m on the right track here.

Dracomancer: Good point. He does look tall, though I think it’s mainly the lanky Flagellant legs that give the impression. Height-wise, he is around the same size as a human, which is about right for a Hobgoblin.

Kyte: Glad you like him. I took inspiration for the chin from the Night Goblin banner top, of all places :slight_smile: It helps lengthen the basic Goblin face, and make him look sneakier IMO.




I love the way his head is shaped out to look like the bad moon, it looks great IMO.


Dracomancer:��Good point.��He does look tall, though I think it's mainly the lanky Flagellant legs that give the impression.��Height-wise, he is around the same size as a human, which is about right for a Hobgoblin.

lol, never knew that, I just assumed they were slightly taller than regular goblins, maybe a head or two smaller than humans, interesting...


[[Hobgoblins]]! :wink:


i really like the face and chin, looks like the pic on the front of wychwoods brewery’s stuff so i feel compelled to steal it, height looks good and it looks really hunched up how you’d imagine a hobbo, my only criticism if that the feet look too small, you could try stealing them off gobbo wolfriders or skaven clanrats, or sculpt your own. still i really like this model


Yeah! he looks sneaky all right. Like what you did - keep them coming:hat off

Kera foehunter:

this is so cool i had to dig this up.im stealing this idea for my hobos


Face looks completely awesome Good Job Dude! Looking forward to seeing them painted too.