[Archive] Hobgoblin archers. Are they worth it?


I have been wondering whether or not taking hobgoblin archers is worth it. Not hobgoblins on wolves, that can be saved for a different thread. My two friends play Lizardmen and Ogres, so I will be playing them the most.

I have gathered that blunderbusses will deal with lizardmen well enough. On the other hand blunders generally dont do much against ogres. Then again, the hobgoblins wont have much time to shoot at ogres(moving as fast as they do).

Aside from those two opponents, is it worth taking the little buggers against anyone? Or am I better off with something else?


Some feel they are useless. Considering their are one of a few units in the list that can do missile fire I subscribe to the idea while not game winners, they aren’t aren’t useless either.


I agree with Willmark there got game winners but there are only bow unit thats got competing for those precious special slots.


Seriously. They are core and dirt cheap at that. Of course much like anything it depends on what you are shooting at.

My basic plan is to use them ad artillery guard units. Hobbos archers to protect the bolt throwers and Orc arrer boyz to protect the ES.

caos dwrf:

dude dont know bout u but hg archers rock there green skin counter parts (mine are blue, yellow and green }:#) also they could be game winners against hord army (skaven and gobbos). put a cd hero and use them as a unit backed up by 2 units of cds. if you still play 500pt games use tons of these.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Orc archers are good if you can spare the special slot, otherwise, they’re as effective as any other archers and probably cheaper too.


Spare a special slot? If anything our specials are the weakest portion of the army. Should be real easy to fit in Orc arrer boyz.

Hobgoblin King:

God I think special slots are great especially against tough armies like chaos , ogres, dwarfs and lizardmen. BOLT THROWERS are way worth it. I like archers against elves and lizardmen also empire poor armor armies


For 1 little point I go with arrer boys (6pts vs 5pts)

[align=center]Orc arrer boy > hob with bow

because :

T4 > T3

6+ > no save

choppa > hand weapon

Ld7 > Ld6[/align]

Now you can prefer small bases than large ones, but anyway, the ork pwns the hob. :hashut


God I think special slots are great especially against tough armies like chaos , ogres, dwarfs and lizardmen. BOLT THROWERS are way worth it. I like archers against elves and lizardmen also empire poor armor armies

Hobgoblin King
Goblins= Useless
Orcs= Not bad, but compared to special slots in other armies? Plus they are core in O&G, why special for us?
Black Orcs= Best Special Choice by far
Bolt Throwers= Good, but not a game winner unless your taking 6-8 of them...
Death Rocket= has anyone ever won a game with this thing
Sneaky Gits= No reason to take them in this edition after the change from lap around to free maneuver.
Arrer Boyz= Useful but not earth shattering

(Note a lot of this is rhetorical)

I like Arrer Boyz and endorse their use but take them for what they are. They are special when they are core in another armor but nothing to make them a Special Choice. In fact they are the same unit! Best use for them is artillery guard duty IMHO.


Hobgoblin Archers have their definite uses, and they are worthwhile to take into an Army. For their points, and for what I use them for, I find them more worthwhile then Orc Arrer Boyz.

Keeping this in mind, Hobgoblin Archers in and of themselves are pretty weak and cowardly, and their range is limited. However, They have won me Tournaments, many a game, and have proven to be one of my most useful units.

Their uses should be specialized. You should attribute them to one role and one role only, and keep them to that role. You CAN use them with equipment, bows, full command and full armor and pull off some very astounding and surprising tactics, but this requires knowledge of a plan 3-4 turns into the game and formation tactics. What was once a simple block of archers, can turn into a fully armed unit of hobgoblins to act as a flanker.

However, that having been said, I don’t recommend doing that too often unless you have particularly advanced tactics in mind. Keeping hobgoblin archers specialized to one role is all you need really.

Normally, I take them with no armor, and no command. They are both the first volley of fire that the enemy faces when coming for me, and also bear several tactical uses in mind as the opposing army comes in for the kill.

I use Formation Tactics heavily with my Chaos Dwarfs. Moreso then any of my other armies. Units used in Cohesion work well. As I stated, my Hobgoblin Archers have won me a Tournament, and many a game. They are nothing to be sneezed at.

However, much like any unit, used carelessly, and their points go to waste.


I agree with a fair bit of what has been said ,IMO i like them a small unit of ten to watch over the boltthrowers and the orc arrer boyz do the same for the ES depending on the opponent of course they could be used with a fair bit of flexibility .

Its very easy for an opponent to under estimate them and they may even shoot something :h


Completely agree Canix. The ES. Is so vital to the battle plan of almost any CD army that I wouldnt trust hobbos to guard it, much better to have the arrer boyz do it.

Now if terrain helps out and you can concentrate fire of the (any) nearby hobbo archer units at the same target that the arrer boyz are firing at.


well… I would use them to hunt down enemies fast cavlaries (or to deduct ranks of infrantry with small armour save)…

but all greens have animosity, which could make them useless…


One of the downsides yes, but the price you pay got such a cool army. :slight_smile: