[Archive] Hobgoblin bombers?


Altough it happened to be from Warseer where I got the idea (as supposedly something that will be in a WD CD list… on april fools day), what about a scouting/ skirmishing hobgoblin unit with bombs they can throw?��Wouldn’t have to be hobgoblins, but slaves might be better as suicide bombers (i.e. they are strapped to them), which seems a bit inappropriate as they could just run into CD lines?

Of course there would be misfires for the comedy potential… :idea��Or even some sort of timer whereby they are guaranteed to die by the end of the battle and its only a question of how much damage they can do?

Seems to be fully in character with the CD giving them dangerous weapons which also show a complete disregard for their lives.


It depends on whether you think it would be a bit insensitive to have an army based on real-world middle east that has suicide bombers.

I think you’ll find that a few people will complain, even if they aren’t offended themselves (some people are like that)


That was why I was thinking about giving them to hobgoblins instead, as they would not be suicide bombers, just using highly dangerous weapons. Note that the hobgobbos throw the bombs.

I guess a good comparison would be skaven globadiers or weapon teams.��They have a certain buzz from using a powerfull weapon, but because its dangerous they die often.��Just the way it is.


I think it sounds like a great idea. I can definitely imagine Chaos Dwarfs sending hobgoblins to the front lines with unreliable incendiary devices! I enjoy the madcap nature of malfunctioning skaven and orc weapons, and in the hands of hobgoblins this kind of idea would make me giggle in the same way :).


It sounds good to me. Try mocking a couple up and see how they look.

The only thing I might worry about is that it sounds a little WH40K-ish…

But then, after the additions the Empire has gotten lately, it seems throwing all such caution to the wind is the way to go.


I dunno, I kinda like Hobgoblins with bombs, but I can see the tastelessness considering the War and all…


It isn’t in a Hobgoblin’s nature to intentionally sacrifice themselves though. It is certainly within the nature of a Goblin, but Hobgoblins are sneaky, crafty and cowardly. They aren’t going to go and purposely sacrifice themselves, not for the Chaos Dwarfs and not even for their own bretheren.

However, getting to use the ‘best’ weapon that turns out to be completely unstable is a different matter. Completely within character.


2 things I hadn’t actually thought about, but to consider.

First having Chaos 0warf Firebombers carry them instead (small elite unit ala Globadiers/ 300 etc).

Second, more to do with fluff, but having the hobgoblins make them themselves (explaining their unreliabilty, but eagerness to use them).

The Flying Beaver:

Hobgoblins with technology? Haha, good one. Some Chaos Dwarfs themed after those bomber guys in 300 would be really cool though.


It works if the Chaos Dwarves are building them and handing them to the Hobgoblins because the Hobgoblins are taller, faster, more dexterous and ultimately can toss those grenades much further than a Chaos Dwarf can (plus, since they are so unreliable the Chaos Dwarfs are a bit harder to convince to risk their lives).

However, I don’t think Hobgoblins would make them on their own. Again, maybe if we had some kind of 40K Hobgoblins, but not in WarHammer Fantasy. Hobgoblins seem to be good at concoting poison and training carnivorous animals, but technology is one of the race’s major weaknesses. It is the primary thing that seperates them from humans (not counting skin color, big teeth and ears, big noses, no genders and such like things).

As for having technology at all, I am quite certain the Hobgoblins can USE any weapons stuck in their hands just as well as an Ogre or an Orc (dumber races) can use and maintain giant mechanical steeds. They just aren’t going to be making the stuff and, thus, not using it on a fairly large scale.


i think thed send gobbos not hobbos. hobbos erned there status


First having Chaos Dwarf Firebombers carry them instead (small elite unit ala Globadiers/ 300 etc).

wow.��I totally know how I'm going to convert my blunderbussers now...


If Skaven can be convinced to carry poisoned wind globes, then I’m sure Hobgoblins could be convinced to carry bombs.

The hard part will be convincing GW to commit public relations suicide.

Ghrask Dragh:

Great idea! (apart from the suicide bit, in the name of good taste)

Love them throwing bombs about though, imagine a whole unit full of these guys…




Idea officaly stolen for my list, thanks grim


I like the idea of suicidal bombers :slight_smile: Although GW won’t incorporate it for sure. How about a little different approach?
The picture Xander posted (great one, I might add) spawned an idea in my twisted mind.

Firstly make those guys move a little bit like fanatics? Assume that they’re blinded in some way. So they have to use the scatter dice. Secondly they carry a flammable oil (nitroglycerine or something similar or alternatively some kind of acid) that will hit everyone in base contact. To move either roll 2D6" or the artillery dice and the scatter. In case of the double or misfire (respectively) the nitro blows up with a small template.
What do you think?

Point cost, and availability is another thing. But should be pretty rare. The strength of hits would be probably 4 or 5. Of course it’s fire damage. I would say S4 in base contact and S5 when it blows up. Could be armour piercing, as it’s still liquid and thereby can flow through various holes in the armour.

EDIT: I think that the acid part could be more fluffy. I’m thinking of something like this:
The hobgoblins are working in the chaos dwarf mines. They spend there all their puny lives, never seeing the daylight. Accustomed to the dark, they’re blinded in the sunlight.
Their work is to melt or shape the rocks with a kind of acid. The acid is carried in bottles on their backs.

In game, they would be completely blind (move with scatter and 2D6" for greater chance of blowing up). Also because they’re used to the sounds of the mines, they lost orientation and are constantly turning in every direction, thus splattering the acid in every direction (read, everyone in base contact gets hit). When any double is rolled the tanks/bottles breaks and the acid splatter everything within a small template range. If two or more hobgoblins come in contact with each other, they immediately blow up (kind of) with a big template (or small template but with +1 S).
The hits are resolved at S4 with armour piercing. The template hit is S5 with armour piercing. Hits as normal for templates (4+ if partly covered).

Points and availability - I have no idea. It would be fun if they could pop-up like miners, eventually like gutter runners/tomb scorpions.